I need a bowler hat for Remembrance Sunday

Discussion in 'Officers' started by dunstaggin, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. I have tried to get a bowler to wear at Rem Sunday parades, without success.

    Can anyone please help ?

    I am an O/R but am not in the 'green machine' now, so can wear what I like.
  2. im sure theres loads of specialists on the web?
  3. Why not don your beret?
  4. A beret ?

    No thanks mate!

    I was doing a OU course at Sussex Uni in the early 80's and a RE major on the same course, who had flown in from Gemany, was thoroughly maffed off that I had only been a sapper.

    I graduated in the late 80's and went onto teaching quals in the early 90's.

    It's a class thing I suppose.

    When I was in, I had to wait on the Officers at the mess, for a short time. They were no more intelligent than I and many other sappers.

    So I want to wear a bowler.
  5. A class thing?

    I'm studying my undergrad at a Red Brick uni, and looking to do a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology next. My girlfriend starts her PhD in Neuropsychology in September, her own proposal, which is being funded by the ESRC... And I, nor her, would ever have a problem with wearing my beret to a Remembrance Parade.

    Then again, maybe it’s a being proud of where I’ve come from thing.
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  6. Lock and Co. make extremely good bowlers, though they are expensive. However, they often have very good offers in their sale. Alternatively, Bates in Jermyn Street are less expensive. Christy's are cheaper still and perfectly acceptable.

    There are usually plenty of bowlers on Ebay, though fit and quality may be tricky.

    Finally, bowlers are readily available in Northern Ireland; if you get completely stuck pm me and I'll see if I can sort something out for you.
  7. Lock & Co are fantastic, but equally expensive. Personally I'd go for the lesser of two evils and plump for a Bates hat which are equally as lovely.

    Personally I want one of these!

  8. If you are London based, try: Old Hat, 62 Fulham High Street, London, SW6 3LQ, Tel: 020 7610 6558

    They usually have a good selection of second hand bowlers. Just make sure you don't go the week before Cav Mem when the latest batch of cavalry subalterns will be frantically buying theirs.

    As for who should or shouldn't wear them, once you've left it's clearly up to you. You do seem very concerned with "class", possibly as a result of the experiences you outline. As the Lobster says, be proud of where you are from. Strictly speaking "class" (whatever that means really) remains unconnected to education.
  9. Hats & That (an internet-based shop) do perfectly good bowlers at a fraction of the prices mentioned above:

    Cheapish Bowlers

    I got mine there, & unless you have money to burn it's excellent value for something that only gets dusted off a couple of times a year.
  10. I bought a cracking bowler hat from Ebay last year. Paid about £45 but brand new from Dunn and Co, so probably worth having a look!

  11. Glad to hear you 'grounded' the RE Major. Sounds to me like these days, are you trying to be something you're not and just kidding yourself mate.

    Class? my fcuking arrse.

    Be honest, at the end of the day it doesn't matter what you wear does it.

    A beret does for me.
  12. Classic :D
  13. My Ebay bowler is from Lock's - £24! It was sold by the granddaughter of its original owner who had died having never worn it. I took it to Lock's who fitted it perfectly to my head at no charge. As it was their sale, I bought a racing felt whilst there; it is beautifully made and of far better quality that my other racing felt from Herbert Johnson.

    As Blogg says, Lock's is worth a visit just to see the place. Nelson had his hats made there, and it seems to have hardly changed since then!
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I've been building myself up to buy an embroidered velvet smoking cap for some time, mainly to annoy my wife who would see it as the pinnacle of pretentiousness. I wonder if they'd do one in cypress green to go with my mess kit?