I nearly soiled myself laughing

I have never even seen this done at the lowly level I play at, yet alone at such a high standard.

But then, I suppose he is an Argie.

Especially for Cuddles and the rest of you exiles, enjoy!


Bet he felt like a real dick. What a prat! :thumleft:
I saw a similar thing on a video by Mick'The Munch' Skinner.


War Hero
He shoudn't of been showboating, he won't do that again in a hurry. But the funniest thing I've seen on a rugby pitch for a long time!!
coach was asked after the game whether Leguizamon wold be getting the beers in for his "mistake" ? the reply ... no he'll probably drop them.
Humph said:
Speaking of rugby, an oldie but goodie. Always nice to see Will Carling make an ARRSE of himself. Clicky
Didn't realise he could move that fast

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