I [MOD edit - incorrectly] call Walt on Phil Campion. ex sas, p coy, commando

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shandyswiller, Nov 20, 2011.

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  1. MOD Edit (Guns)

    If you do manage to read all of this thread you will realise Phil Campion is not a walt.

    Having just looked through this pile of self serving hardman crap of a book in the bargin bin at tesco. I call Walt on Phil Campion.

    Is Champion his real name? When did anyone ever go for P Coy and during it attand Brize Norton to earn their wings then do the milling after?
    I smell a wiff of Bob Spour type here, only fatter.

    Brits ‘are No1 guns for hire’ | The Sun |News|Campaigns|Our Boys
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  2. That would be some walt, he's shown his face and written a book....surely the publishing company would have 'outed' him.
  3. Fucking hell, this Waltenkommando thread has took some hammering lately.
  4. You would think that but its not the first time the wool has been pulled. Think about Bob Spour. He was on TV, books, magainzes you name it. He had blagged it so much that people thought he was lagit.
    Also remember this guy. It was a well known arrser who was taken in by this bullshitter and even helped him write the book :)
    Tom Carew - ARRSEpedia
  5. I have just read his book. There is definately something not right about this.

    There are some incidents he refers to that I know for a fact did not happen.

    His book is full of contradictions, it is bizarre that it got to print without anyone picking up on this, they are absoloubtely glaring. He seems to come accross as being very childish, and with little idea how the accounts he is giving will be perceived by others. His constant talking of fighting (usually with the police) make him sound like a clown, and not somebody I would want on my team.

    I have no idea if he is genuine, all that I can say is that I know personally that some of what he has written did not happen. Furthermore, I would be very dubious about other parts of the book.
  6. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    There was something on youtube I saw a couple of weeks ago in this fella (I think)

    claiming to be the youngest ever to pass selection at 19.
  7. I think Paul Bruce's Nemesis File is a better example to be honest.

    Tom Carew was guilty of big timing and fibbing but he was no walt.
  8. I saw the first edition of his Jihad book in Hardback where he was posing in photos with an SAS beret complete with SAS cap badge, so he did Walt it a bit, he certainly went to Afghan however, what his role there was I don't have a clue. Still, he made more of his military career than me.
  9. In his book he claims to have passed P-Coy and AACC, with tours of N.I (COP Plt) and Falklands before attempting selection. I think he joined at 17.

    Some highlights for me include:

    Getting banged up in the Falklands for beating up all the RMP on the Islands. Then taking over the police custody block and locking all the RMP outside. Once he relinquished control of the police station, he escaped from his cell during the night (with no explanation how), avoiding detection by getting a fellow inmate to sleep in his bed (no explanation of who was kipping in the other inmates bed). Then going on the lash, before having another ruck with RMP in the pub when they saw him and realised he had escaped. Only to sneak back into his cell (again no explanation of how) and for the whole thing to be dropped because he claimed to have been asleep the whole time.

    I also liked reading pages and pages about how he had to maintain "situaltional awareness" on a flight he was on whilst guarding a bag containing millions of pounds worth of jewellery. He goes to some lengths to explain how he tunes his senses of hearing and sight in to his surroundings so that he is alert to everything that is going on inside the aircraft. He then goes onto explain how he marches down the plane (leaving the bag containing the jewlelery behind) to complain that the disabled person next to him has just dribbled on his shirt. He further complains that he cannot enjoy the in flight movie because the disabled kid keeps leaning on him. How exactly he retains such a high level of situational awareness when he has a set of headphones on and is glued to the TV screen is not explained. Nor is any explanation given to why he goes to such great lengths to explain why he couldnt consider the possiblity of going to sleep on the plane whilst entrusted with the security of the jewellery on the outbound flight, only to mention on the return journey how he happily slept right through, even at one point using the jewellery as a pillow.
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  10. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    There is someone here who can check PCAU.

    That should determine his P Coy pass and freefall guff.

    I genuinley hate these walt threads, but now and then an intriguing one comes along.
  11. Well that's definitely bollocks. I passed selection whilst in cadets, nothing special I hear you say - well it is considering it was air cadets and I only went for two weeks.
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  12. He looks like he currently working as a pie taster, perhaps he thinks PMC mean Pie Munching Contractor?
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  13. What Squadron? Shurley not the famed II SQN?
  14. That's exactly what I mean mate. Got to give the poor bastard some credit for going to Afghan before it got fashionable :)
  15. Phil Campion
    Me smell somthing!!!
    Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | Express Yourself :: I'm the pirates' worst nightmare
    He's readying himself to shimmy up the rope. I turn and charge back to the bridge. I grab the first thing that I see: a big, heavy fridge. It’s full of chilled cans of drink and weighs nearly half a tonne. I heave it up above my head, ripping the wire out of the wall as I do so.

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    The pirates go piling into the sea. Their vessel has taken on a lot of water and has lost its speed completely. A few seconds later we’re leaving the pirate skiff in our wake, together with the fridge that I hurled at it.
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