I miss Iraq. I miss my gun. I miss my war...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Schleswig-Holstein, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Interesting piece in this month's Esquire

    I was bought up by a stepfather who faced some hairy stuff in WW2 and I never got the impression he missed being fired up-on by the hun... As a civvy, I'm interested to know how common this poor sod's views are, either in the US or the UK?
  2. Very good read.
  3. What is it Martin Sheen`s character said in Apocalpse Now...

    "When I came home after my second tour it was worse, when I was over there I wanted to be over here, and when I here I just wanted to be there"

    Or something like that.

    Anyway very interesting article shame there wasn`t any photos. I mean of the guy & his wife, not the gorey stuff.
  4. I didn't like it.

    It sounds like the author has been to Creative Writing school and is trying to write the next "Jarhead". This guy is or has been at some stage trained as a writer. And you can tell. By the short, jarring sentences. He uses the present to give immediacy to the past. And sometimes he includes longer, broader sentences to create a more dreamlike, elongated feel to his text.

    OK, the sentiments are most likely accurate or fairly accurate, but distilling them into Vanity Fair prose just makes them sound phony.
  5. Good read and maybe a small glimpse into how soldiers tick and why a part of them will always remain a soldier.
  6. Certainly a different perspective. Fortunately he didn't seem to have a traumatic time of it so his perspective is quite understandable.
  7. I can relate to a very large extent with what he says. There is a sort of comforting stability to the job over there. Of course, you miss the people you went with as well. It even took me quite a few months to get used to not dropping my right hand to rest on a sidearm.

  8. I agree. Not to be melodramatic but it takes a while to drop that guard. I had a hell of a time driving through downtown DC or riding the Metro full of passengers the first few weeks back.
  9. A mate in the 82nd said he'd rather be over there. Amazing food, better pay, doing the job, the thrill... as opposed to rotting in 'Fayetnam' North Carolina!
  10. Nice piece.

    There is something about being 'over there' that is mesmerizing. Once you settle into the groove, very few things outside the warzone seem to make sense.

    Not even a cheating spouse. That little bitch....

    Coming back can be harder than going there.
  11. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  12. Mabey because it is a human function. I do wonder why people are so anti-war, I mean, It is a bad thing but it is only human.

    Trip_Wire, why eschew the thread to give us an overused quote from an English king?
  13. First off it's NOT a bloody WAR... It's counter insurgency and the quicker we drop the war tag the better.

    That said... I understand. You get a sense of purpose on Ops (or finally realise your purpose). You make a small difference which seems astronomically large in comparison to the no-difference of deciding which type of butter you'll buy for No1 today.

    I left the Brit Army a long time ago (had enough), but I was back in Iraq very briefly with the Danes last year... the first thing I noticed... was a sense of feeling home (never been to Iraq before). The second... laid out, with a cigarette in my hand, was the sheer simplicity of life... loved it... wanted to stay.
  14. Then why didn't you? Did the home comforts beckon???
  15. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I guess it never dawned on you as a civilian, that the 'Band of Brothers' that one served in close combat with, might just be the reason that one will not forget the ones that he/she served with in wartime (Combat) service with. The ones with the same experiences and nightmares, The ones you always miss, and wish you could re-live that time with. Your 'Band of Brothers.' No one, in your life, will be as close to you as they were to you IMHO.

    Your posts generally, show your ignorance of military subjects, stemming from your total lack of any military service. As well, as your hatred of Americans and the USA. :toilet:

    Your mates here on ARRSE have defined you as a civilian, with no military service who uses narcotics (Coke.) I think they are right! I wonder; however, why they let you get away with posting the crap you do. :pukel: