I might be having a 4sum tonight!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fattwat, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. I might be having a foursome tonight!

    Been seeing some fat tarton and off for the last hour and she's just cooked macaroni cheese with her 2 lezza mates. It's just her,
    her mates and me going out tonight.... Few drinks, get em sloshed and then back to the pad to have some mind bogglingly sleazoid sex - wahey!!

    So if you work in the Holiday Inn somewhere in Kent and see a very handsome man and three slightly
    minging and desperate girls in their early twenties, that's not me and my entourage because We'll be here watching sooty does sweep

    Any tips FROM those who have gone before me I'm all ears especially those wot have recently had a 3sum

    And they all made desert aswell

    (to be continued in the " I might be having a 5sum tonight" thread)
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  2. wake up you are clearly dreaming
  3. I had a 4some once.

    3 copies of Razzel and just one issue sock. What a night that was!
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  4. An issue sock?! Did you just have a bloody stump when you were finished?
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  5. no No it's all true
  6. sure you don't mean Dim sum?
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  7. Heh, I see where this is coming from... sooo...

    I had a threesome in Germany with a REME bloke and someone else's wife. The REME bloke fucked off cos I wouldn't give him a length up the dirt box. That left me with her. I gave it to her up the fundamental alright. Interesting, She said. Painful but interesting.
  8. we've had the 3sum and 4sum, we should be getting on to 5sum and 6sum now
  9. I was never any good at sums
  10. Thats sum story...:)
  11. If I throw one up your shit box, can I bang your wife?
  12. Sum photos or it didn't...
  13. Be my fucking guest with the wife, I'm divorcing her anyway. But if you come anywhere near me with your disease ridden, suppurating, crab infested, tiny dick I'll use it for crab bait in the lagoon.
  14. As if you have any say in the matter. You'll have an arse like a blood orange when I'm finished with you, sweet cheeks...
  15. And the sum total of these sorry tales is what?

    An already shattered credibility reduced to previously unplumbed depths and that little bit of stiff arrse wipe based papier mâché on the end of your foreskin in the morning following hasty and yet strangely disinterested and wholly self loathing attempts at a clean up in the faintly chilly and crashingly lonesome confines of the Days Inn at Newport Pagnell services.

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