I might be going soft, but....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by biscuits, Oct 18, 2011.

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  1. Two words sum it up perfectly......****ing Scum
  2. It goes to show just how much of our morality is a social construct.
  3. I read on another papers site that rendering First aid can get you into a heap of trouble there.

    Maybe one of the more far flung arrsers can confirm/deny if that is possible?

    If it is true then I can sort of understand why people are loathe to get involved.

    Much like people standing and watching someone getting their head kicked in on a Saturday night.
  4. Its been discussed before on ARRSE, unless you do something really stupid you can't be pinched for helping with first aid.
  5. In China?
  6. This is the same country that had photos published of girl babies left to die in the gutter while businessmen stepped over them. It hardly a surprise!!
  7. Sorry when you were talking about people getting a kicking on a saturday night I thought you meant here.
  8. And don't forget the baby caves. Little girls are seen as a burden in China
  9. Yes. As in "don't get involved or you might get arrested" here it is if you give a chav a slap and there if you render first aid.

    That was what I meant when I said I can understand how it might happen.
  10. And the moral difference between allowing a toddler to die in a gutter and aborting a healthy baby is ?
  11. ??? Are you on the right thread? Where did abortion arrive in the story??
  12. When you added to the thread
  13. Do **** off child, the grown ups are having a conversation. I know it's half term, but the playstations on and grandad will be here soon to touch you where you wee from! Go and get a biscuit, there's a poppet!
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  14. Steven is right, there's been a load of high-profile legal cases where someone has gone to help somebody else, then wound up in court and paying the 'victim. A sad state of affairs when this blame culture imported from the US results in such an incident