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I mght have said a few things while I was a bit pissed

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Fuck off attention whore.

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Sweetie, this could be a start of a very good thread, but the OP wears a DPM vest and tighty whiteys and sleeps in his mam's bed when he has a tishlie in his tummy and needs a "NooNoo", I think we're fucked.
I doubt that for a long time sweetheart!
Yes they are sweetie until they sponsor my bro.

It will be all over Saturday night after he's done his egg and spoon race and I'll stop worrying then.


Then I am apparantly meant to be nice again.

The fucking dickhead. If he doesn't kill hmself first, I'll fucking do it for him.
So you came on here two years ago and made a fool of yourself posting whilst pissed.


You are now on here, a site frequented by drunks and the mentally disadvantaged (Fuck You Jarrod), and wish to get on your knees and apologise.


Oh Fucking Dear. I hope you have a tight little ARRSE because Steven Seagull, Oooh Matron and, the master, Directional (or whatever the fuck he is know) Gyro will be along to ream you shortly. Idiot.
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