I mght have said a few things while I was a bit pissed

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bad_pixel, Aug 29, 2013.

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  1. sorry about that
  2. Fuck off attention whore.

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  3. Sweetie, this could be a start of a very good thread, but the OP wears a DPM vest and tighty whiteys and sleeps in his mam's bed when he has a tishlie in his tummy and needs a "NooNoo", I think we're fucked.
  4. is 2 years since I posted cvnt
  5. Two years ago you posted "cvnt"? Why? It is not even a proper word. Why bring it up after two years?
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  6. See you in two years.
  7. bad_pixel... Is that a spa town in Germany?
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  8. Are you going to play "Smacky Smacky Bum Bum" with her?
  9. No, I'm going to play 'winding up cunts' with it.
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  10. I'm betting it's even longer since you fucked cunt.
  11. No charge old chap :).
  12. I doubt that for a long time sweetheart!
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  13. So you came back to apologise for something you did two years ago.
  14. Yes they are sweetie until they sponsor my bro.

    It will be all over Saturday night after he's done his egg and spoon race and I'll stop worrying then.


    Then I am apparantly meant to be nice again.

    The fucking dickhead. If he doesn't kill hmself first, I'll fucking do it for him.
  15. Is that post also available in English?
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