I may have the chance to purchase a FV432 here in Canada..

Discussion in 'REME' started by Canuck031, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. I was in the Canadian Infantry (2PPCLI) for 15 years, and spent a good amount of my time in the M113. I have a chance to purchase a running FV432, and only had a good look at them out there in Medicine Hat AB "a few years" ago.... So my question is, are there any retired REME tec's here in SW Ontario Canada, that have worked on the petrol version, and could give me a hand once in a while, if I decide to fix the old girl up?

    If there are none in the area, could I come here for advice, incase I have any problems in the future. I don't believe the British Forces uses this veh any more, so I'm guessing there should be no security issues on this matter.

  2. Not REME mate but good luck ... you will find that the 'old girl' will be more often known as the 'bitch'!

    My bold above ... that should read when I have problems in the future :D
  3. Afraid that the 43 series is still in service (not petrol version though).

    How much are they asking for it?
  4. The 432 will be in service forever!
  5. LMAO.... good one!
  6. $20,000 Cdn which I think would be about $8,900 Pounds Stirling.
  7. There was a reason we went to the diesel ones - and it wasn't anythig do do with fuel efficiency - the buggers kept catching fire!!

    Also there was the problem with 'runaways' - when the mechanical (engine driven) fuel pump would go into meltdown and keep the engine going even when turned off - and as the thing kept running it would demand more fuel, which would be provided and then it would go faster, requiring more fuel - all the way to destruction. Hence on the Mk 3 onward they put a manual fuel cut off mod on.

    My advice - avoid.
  8. Geeezzzz, you're ruining my day here :wink: . I'll check to see if this girl is a Mk3 or not.... Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Buy it!!!! Go on - you know you want to!!!! :lol:
  10. Get a girlfriend instead, cheaper easier to service, won't run off on you if fuelled with Rohypnol, that is.

  11. I've already had 3 wives, and now you say get a girl friend?? Na, this thing would cost me alot less in the long run... :twisted:

    The fellow selling says she's a MkI but with manual fuel tap just inside the back door. Would this be same as a fuel cut off?
  12. You're a little off the mark. The Mk 1 was a petrol B81 series engine (less the 433 and 434 that were diesel from introduction, the Mk 2 was the K60 diesel and although the most likely to run away I've only had one run away in a very long career and the Mk 3 is the new BULLDOG.
    BATUS was mainly Mk1's, forever changing plugs and leads, worn out distributors, synchronising new points, gennies, coolant hoses and steering units. Oh the days!
  13. Ok..... so are you're saying the chances of a MkI having a run away engine are rather remote, to nill? And other than that, it will just spend most of it's time on the shop floor... 8O

    I'm thinking, that if I did buy this beast, the number of hrs it would be running over a period of a year, but be less than a few days in active sevice on an Ex. She has a new power plant and trans, so most of the work would be cosmetic. A major paint job, and an overhaul of the insides.
  14. No need for a major paint job mate ... just scrape off a couple of layers because there's probably 197 coats of paint on it :D