I may have missed it but did He ever answer the question?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jumpinjarhead, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. [video=youtube;KcHzaBNkiWc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcHzaBNkiWc[/video]
  2. and I raise you:

  3. "It's the wrong trousers Grommit"
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  4. Fuck me! That's 5 minutes of my life wasted. Why do I fall for it every time? These are politicians, they make lawyers seem more honest than time share reps.

    In answer to the question; no he didn't answer the question. I can't remember the last time a politico answered a question with a yes or no.

    POTUS is looking more and more like Blair, or Mr Bean, please USA learn from our mistakes, as for Milliband, even Cameroon is better than him, and he's a cunt, and that's swearing that is.
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  5. Nope. The Chief Chimp did not answer the question, but I suspect you knew that anyway. His tenure in the Oval Office has been one disaster after another. He doesn't deserve another 4 years to screw it up more; he's done enough already. Let's hope we can survive the next year and a half until he's gone.

    Ariail 8 Jul 11.jpg
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  6. It's OK I have informed Geppetto of the malfunction of his latest models, he's winging in as we speak

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  7. appropriate for George Soros, His puppetmaster AND RUINER OF NATIONS
  8. Clearly no answer but one has to admire his ability to string together 4 minutes worth of bullshit, say nothing and still make it sound good

    Jan 20, 2013, End of an Error!
  9. Obama is a chump and a disgrace not only to his office but to the country as well.

    He'll bow to anyone. Hell, I think I saw him bowing to Burger King.

  10. To be fair to him, it wasn't a question so much as a taunt. An honest answer might have been, "The jobs are in China, largely because you cvnts spend all your money on cheap, badly-made foreign shite rather than pricier American-made stuff."
  11. I disagree-it was a legitimate pointed question that has not been answered by our current Masters about one of the key issues among Americans if one can believe the unemployment stats and the pols.

    I think you take your point too far in referring to driving jobs away--first of all, numerous studies have shown the prime reason for this over the last 20 years (that included both Republican and Democrat cnuts as you put it as they are, in my view only different in degree of lust for centralized federal power, bigger federal government and more power and prestige to them individually and their ruling elite)) that labor unions and their associated "legacy costs" that were simply unsustainable as the demographics of those drawing retirement and health benefits we larger than the number of workers putting money into the system (a grim metaphor for what awaits all Americans if something is not done to make the benefit programs sustainable over the long haul).

    Second, it is a reflection of the foreign trade policies that have been used (again by those same cnuts of both parties) for broader political rather than relevant economic purposes to try to curry favor with other nations by giving them undeserved "most favored nation" status and agreeing to trade agreements that favor the other notions at the expense of the US in terms of jobs and various sectors of our economy, especially in the manufacturing category. An additional reason more obvious with our current Masters who must retain that portion of their voter base who believe "Mother Earth" must be "protected" at any cost even if it means huge job losses or committing to courses of action that are unsustainable economically unless the affected businesses move overseas due to the incredible regulatory burden placed on them by our Masters that makes it impossible to compete with other nations even if were even on a level playing field to begin with (which we are usually not due to treaties that favor the other nation at our expense).

    The great irony of course in all this is in order to "save the planet" from threats of man based on theories of suspect quality done by "true believers" who attribute all the horrible effects on the earth to man (as shown dramatically in the leak of the emails at a British think tank), they would destroy the goose (our and other western economies) that laid the golden egg of supplying funds for the very research that in many respects has been made suspect by dishonest and dishonorable "scientists" who care more about the ends than the means---just as all progressivists do.
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  12. I would take great pleasure in gratuitously and very violently raping Ed Miliband
  13. Agree on the 'most favoured' points, but then successive governments have defined the national interest as synonymous with increasing the wealth of those at the top of the pile (the sort who fund political campaigns, natch), rather than with the needs and aspirations of Joe Sixpack. Defined in those terms, these policies have been a great success.
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  14. I think again if you drill down into the studies that suggest the gap between the rich and poor is increasing in the US you will find it much more complicated. There is the effect of ever increasing federal largess to more and more people that takes away their incentive to work where they could earn more than they get on the dole. Indeed, this phenomenon has been called the "modern day plantation" in that people are relegated to being slaves by being fully dependent o f the federal government for everything.

    This was glaringly obvious in the Katrina disaster in New Orleans where it was revealed that a crass elite of blacks (Democrats in this case) held total political control over the city (in part due to "white flight" during desegregation in the 60's/70's) whereby they kept their fellow blacks subjugated in slums and tenements and did all they could to stop the residents from breaking out (through education primarily with failed schools staffed by--you guessed it--other blacks who are influenced by this black political machine and their union). This is the "chocolate city" the then-mayor described it as.

    The obvious slavery aspect is that these poor residents (many of whom died in the flood or otherwise had very bad times did not even know how to help themselves due to the hand-feeding of the city machine) is that they provide a voting bloc that assures the black elite, who ironically live in very high end enclaves that actually are intended to keep their supports (riff raff) out will always be in power.

    Another unfortunate aspect of this is they also do everything they can to make every issue a racial issue and to perpetuate the idea of the "white devils" that makes it very easy to get the slaves animated at election time. It is also a regular feature of such times that such "race baiters" as the "Revs" Sharpton and Jackson always show up to stir the pot. They also have a vested interest in keeping the racial divide tense and unresolved as it pays them handsomely in notoriety, money and women.

    Secondly, one must be very careful when attacking the "rich" to have all the facts that rarely are included in the coverage of these issues. Again, if you drill down into the stats you will find that the "rich" ($200K as an individual) pay over 50% 0f the income taxes (and a substantial portion of that percentage is paid by only 1% of the higher income earners). The real shocker is the ever-increasing percentage--currently just over 50% who do not payany taxes or even get money back from the federal government!!

    When you add this to the increasing reports of obscene waste, fraud and abuse of this hard-earned money paid by so few Americans, perhpas you can understand why this , together with jobs are the major concerns of the American electorate.

    Indeed, our current Master has set the dubious record in terms of job losses and the increase in our deficit through ill-advised "bail-outs" (yes I know the evil Bush also did one in his last days as prez) and all the things He is doing to "fundamentally transform America. A grotesque sign of this is the record percentage increase during just 2.5 years His term of federal employees (many of them new additions to help with the "fundamental transformation" to socialism) now receiving over $100K a year that far exceeds the average annual income of "Joe Sixpack."
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