I make custom avatars

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by rogue_trader, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. I can make custom avitars for you. Look at my RLC avatar, smiley with RLC beret on rlc TRF. Instant recognition of corps for the ARSSE forums! Cool eh?

    I can do all variations/personalisations IE AGC, REME, LI Different style smiley, helmet instead of cap badge, etc

    dontation to help the heroes expected for me doing it! Or the ARSSE guys.

    PM me your corps/Rgmt and I will make an avitar for you

    I can make 2-3 variations per corp/rgmt, please dont steal my avatars without asking first, so I can beast you into dontating to help the heros!
  2. Most people spell it 'avatars'.
  3. Thanks, I've editied my spelling.
  4. is it not 'Heroes' and 'donations'? And if editing, would you not be better to edit the whole article as avatars is misspelt in the piece
  5. That's 'edited' :D
  6. @ RT.
    You've received a Labour edukayshun haven't you.
  7. Not really. I fecked up and got ribbed. Publicly. Cest la vie. The point of my offer remains the same.
  8. msr

    msr LE

  9. tant pis...
  10. Why is the TRF upside down? Is it a bit like flying the Union Flag upside down to show your in distress?
  11. 'You're'

    Some lawyer you are! :D
  12. The problem is the beret blends into the blue of the TRF, then you can't see it, so, I tried it the other way and it looks better. When I can be ARRSEd I will change it to a stable belt background.
  13. Well if you are to advertise your skills then don't you think you should be showing your product to the best you can and not some half arssed thing you knocked up in a moment of boredom and then said this will be a good idea. Wouldn't last 5 minuets on dragons den would you.

  14. Neither would you mate, they want you to display good business acumen, not do a merry dance (or 5) in front of them. :D
  15. suppose not. Im not very good at singing, or spelling, or grammar.

    When you think about it maybe the TRF is the right way up and you are just looking at it upside down? think about it.