IMP Lourdes
Hi Lads & Lassies
Were you one of the lucky ones who have been to the IMP at Lourdes? Did you accept an invitation to join the veterans up at Hosanna House BBQ on the Sunday Evening?.
Folks it's Pay Back Time.
I am looking for your help next year [21st - 28th May 2010] to become a helper/companion to either a ex service lady or gentleman who is disadvantaged by your standards. Obviously there are lots of questions you would want to have answered before you commit yourself and the best I can suggest is to visit our web site at www.jshhg507hq.com. One last thing I must make it clear that it is not a holiday for you as the 'VIP' allocated to you will be hoping for your attention 24/7. This could be looking after him and his luggage in transit, cutting up his food, helping him to get dressed, perhaps if limbless helping him to wash and of course if he has problems walking far - giving him a push in a wheelchair. You are sure to be having a beer/??? together in the evenings. It just depends how handicapped your VIP is.
If that hasn't frightened you off then it's a good start, CO's are generally helpful as it will be classed as (CLM) Command leadership and management Training, the week will not come off your annual leave [I hope] and three quarters of the funding for the week can be found from service charities.
Hope to see you at Exeter Airport in May 2010, together with your other 44 traveling companions. Have a look at jshhg507hq.
Contact details on the web site, and thanks for looking.
WERT at Joint Services Hosanna House Group 507
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