"I love you because..." Your best and worst reasons here.

"I love you...you pay my rent"

It may have done well in the charts for the Pet Shop Boys, but what reasons/pretexts have you given or heard, and in what circumstances? On the vinegar stroke with an altar boy? Because her father's the Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire? Because you know she's trying for a baby and doesn't know you've had yourself spayed, you utter swine?

Go on, it's the internet. Totally anonymous, like confession, only without the predatory alleged celibates.
I love you.....because you Cleveland Steam me without judging me. And your aim is spot on.
"........you've got worms" Said by a keen angler to his wife.
... your always gobbin for a nobbin


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"...because you have great t!ts!!"

In a very brave, alcohol induced moment I said this to the Domestic Ayatollah. At the time she was as inebriated as I was and took the compliment, and gave me some good classic rutting that night.

Next day, I was interrogated as to whether that was the real reason, sparking off a "deep & meaningful". Sigh.

It was worth it though.
"....I have love someone, the mistress is just for dirty **** sex!"
..........because you're eyes glisten like still mill-ponds. You're smile lights up the room. Your compassion warms my very soul and by God you can suck a c*ck.

...........because you said I had to :cry:
"....you love me. Those young Afghan boys tell they do but I'm not so sure they mean it much as you!"
Because you make my endless supply of brews without being asked 8)

I cant think of any other reason right now.
I love you because you wear stocking basque and thigh boots and do that thing with your tongue.


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"I love you 'cos I is now fecking divorced from you!" :party:
Because I need a bj right now, so get down and get dirty.

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