I love the Welsh

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mrrandom, May 30, 2011.

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  1. manly to piss off the bloke in the other thread but also because its a BHM and I'm bored

    tell us why you love the taffs, I'll start

    they aren't the french
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  2. the only good frenchman is a dead one
  3. Their lasses are voracious consumers; ale, fags, pies, tattoos, cock. Nice looking too, if a bit on the large side. I'm on about the dark-haired ones. I even saw a bonny welsh policewoman once.
  4. They're not geordies.
  5. Hwntws aren't bad ... at least they're not English (or jockinese for that matter)^_~
    Gogs are, of course, Gods :cool:
  6. They have Pot Noodle mines.
  7. A look in the mirror is enough
  8. now this is the kind of thread were i can hang my hat. and park my coracle
  9. They are not Frogs, Clogs, Krauts, Sprouts, Ities, Scandies,Bubbles, or Dagos. For that small mercy, they should at least be thankful.
  10. They provide us with endless opportunities for jokes and other general mirth making activities. Real morale boosters.
  11. Ha bloody ha. I've messaged the mods to have this thread removed on the grounds of fraud.

    However, in the spirit of detente, Tom Jones isn't as big a snivelling wretch as the rest of you.
  12. Not only don't you know the definition of the word "fraud" probably because of your abject ignorance:

    OED definition -
    1. deliberate deception, trickery, or cheating intended to gain an advantage
    2. an act or instance of such deception
    3. something false or spurious his explanation was a fraud
    4. a person who acts in a false or deceitful way

    None of which applies to this thread and you are taking a battering from the vast majority of contributors.

    Suggest you find very strong tin hat and phuqing big hole and hide in it - then await incoming heading your way.
  13. nothing wrong with kraut birds...................
  14. Monsieur

    Trust a Frenchmen to get all legal. I suppose you'll get you're dad, sorry papa next? And if claiming to love the Welsh isn't false or spurious I don't know what is. It's like saying I love herpes. Just not the done thing.

    Adieu Melonhead
  15. HMOF, not only do you get my nationality incorrect you can't even figure out my gender!!! What's it like to be so abjectly stupid!!

    Answers on a postcard. And yes, I can curse and swear like a fish-wife in three languages all in the same sentence.
    Next insult please!!!!!