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I love my truck/toy thread


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Right no sure if this will take off but will give it a try.

As per the title I ******* love my truck (hate it sometime esp when a 20 yo bolt goes from righty tighty to lefty loosey) but its brilliant. Its not the fastest thing out there and to most eyes its a bit ratty tatty and pikey but I don't ******* care.

This 7 seat tractor does everything. Takes me and the kids camping, it takes me to work, tip runs, shoot bus and if needs be get outta dodge (sorry wanky yankisms I know)

Today for example , I need a ton of pea shingle but where the house is we can't get a hiab down to deliver and **** barrowing it down from main road. So 2 trips to wickes and she comfortably brought home 500kg a time (plated to carry 750kg inside inc occupants and will tow 3.5 ton). Its ******* brilliant

So far since I've bought it I've replaced the engine for a simpler designed and stronger engine albeit more agricultural unit but **** it. Swear words and the threat of a hammer fixes it until it doesn't (refer to above). Its had a single mass flywheel conversion plus lifted 3 inches to get slightly bigger boots under her.

Also stuck a snorkel on her and ran all the breathers to almost the same height.

Future plans over the next year (which I will document here if any interest) is to build a drawer system and sleep platform , fit a diesel night/engine heater and a few other bits (safari rack, winch bumper and lights etc) ultimate dream atm is to build something i can drive and sleep in and take here to nordkapp in winter to see the northern lights and I fancy the idea of it.

So let's see your toys / basket cases also and why you love them

Here she is after her gravel run today


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Son wants eventually to build a stealth camper / workhorse conversion so will watch with interest


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We’ve got a Jumbo Transit T350/150 ex Pharmacy delivery Van. Converted it into a Camper, but can also use it for other things. It’s got a double bed that’s folds up to one side, so I can use full length of the load area. When we go away, I’ve got a set of ramps, ride the Triumph in the back.
When we get to Campsite, out with the bike, down with the bed. Put up a Gazebo on the side of the van. Sorted!