I love my new C cup breasts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by modernmajorgeneral, Jun 17, 2007.

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  1. Last week the 26-year-old single mother of two had a breast enhancement, thanks to a new service - mybreast.org - which makes the UK's top plastic surgeons available at prices women like unemployed Lucy can afford.


    The set fee of £4,250 covers the operation, hospital stay and post-operative care - some surgery in London with other organisations can cost as much as £7,000


    So, let's get this straight:
    1) She is unemployed and presumably on benefits yet can find over 4 grand for bigger tits.

    2) she has two children, so at least one bloke found her tasty enough to climb on board and even at AA size, they seem to have provided for both kids.

    Either her priorities are very, very wrong, or benefits in this country are way too generous.


  2. Thanks for the mammaries.
  3. Where does it say she is unemployed and paid for the operation using her benefit money?
  4. Spotted it.

    I'm surprised that she payed for it at all. I thought if they were so small, the NHS picked up the tab. Or has that stopped now?
  5. Nice to see that the medics have a sense of humour.. kudos to BAAPS for their work..British Association of Aestethic Plastic Surgeons. LOL...
  6. Why didnt she get massive ones?
  7. she needed a face job, looks like she been smacked in the face with a plank of wood many times, was the daddy blind?
  8. Most PCTs will not pay for breast enhancement at all now, unless it's reconstructive after injury or mastectomy.
  9. Dont think he was blind,might have just wanted to fill his boots with the nearest slag!
  10. My missus got hers done for free on the NHS. Thanks tax payers. The only prob is that we are now divorced. I tried for custody of the mams but didn't get them. Just as well I suppose, because I would stay in all the time.
  11. Is that even if a psych assesment recommends it?
  12. More than a handful is a waste
  13. When I read the thread title, I presumed that this was another post by Legs on his impending womanhood.
  14. ... get in quick a_l, you just might make it :twisted:
  15. Christ she looks like a young Cherie Blair 8O
    I thought she'd have that changed first :?