I love my motorcycle

Thanks fir the reply.

I’d like a little poke but I’m by far not skilled enough to handle a beast I personally don’t think.

New or nearly new would be my market. I guess whatever provides the best vfm.

From your comment maybe the Ducati is a little ambitious?

Any other recommendations would be appreciated.
Moto Guzzi no longer make proper tourer/cruisers but a 2nd hand California will always be a good bike, easy to maintain and part of a damn good club.
Moto Guzzi no longer make proper tourer/cruisers but a 2nd hand California will always be a good bike, easy to maintain and part of a damn good club.
I’ve had three Guzzi’s over the years a Mk1 California, a Mk1 SP1000 Spada and a Dr John/Chris Clark Special (it was his road going development race bike).
Loved all three, great handling, easy to service and full of character.


At over 6' I can't put both feet on the ground when sitting on a GS1150 Adventure , same with the old Tiger 955i , not that it is a problem,
Tiger 955i, cracking bike. I am a mere 5'8" and although I couldn't plant both feet on the deck, it was so well balanced I never had a problem with it.

Only really posting this, to get some pictures back on the thread. :smile:

Me Tiger955i 2019.jpg

Joshua Slocum

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Heres one of my old bikes, an R100S origionally owned by some body famous ( cant recall who)
bought from a middle aged twat, who had lots of toys around , none of which were any use, as was the bike
fractured shock absorber, cracked subframe, broken battery mounting, fuel tank full of filler and lots of other problems
his line of ye but its a lot of bike for the money aint it, didnt work on me
I bought it as spares cheaply
when I got it home and stripped it, I found out the engine was something very special, So I overhauled the machine, spent lots of money and it was all done using the correct parts
A nice chap called Eric Odell asked if I would sell it, he was a retired RR engineer, with years of experience on Merlins, but he had a gammy leg, so he had the sidecar made for it, and the leading link forks
he spotted the Factory modded engine straight off
It turned into a lovely motorcycle, but a bit too nice for me to ride every day
I delivered it to Wales for him
01-01-2015 19;27;4330.JPG

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
one of my all time favourite machines
an early K100RS
refinished in Yellow because the silver green had faded badly, and a mong on a mobile took me out early one morning
I still have the leathers!!
30-12-2014 16;28;1925.JPG
Thanks guys

Keep on being pulled towards the Honda Rebel 1100…thoughts? Reviews all very positive.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…….

And in my eyes it looks just wrong! But knowing the Japanese it’ll be reliable but it’ll be sole less!
But it’s your choice and if it’s going to be your first big bike, might I suggest you buy an older bike first. There’s a dealer around my way that’s got a number of Yamaha and Kawasaki cruisers at a half decent price.
I`ve got exactly the same model in the shed , due for a winter strip down and refurbish etc .

Top end overhaul (Slowly) being done, dreaded valve recession problem. Turns out Triumph dont clist the exhsust valves as an avsilable part any more.
What were the exhaust studs like to undo? its the one bit that concerns me.
No problem, but soaking them daily for a week in releasing oil probably helped. 3 in 1 is good.