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I love my motorcycle


Its almost ready for the MoT, just need to shell out for a battery.....
Oh and take my full test. Bit cold right now though XD
Mrs Chef will be pleased.:) It is a bit cold and damp at the moment. But the snow didn't last round here. One of the benefits of paying your council tax; better weather.


War Hero
That's a point in its favour then
My brother was going to buy a Ducati scrambler until he found out about the belt change cost
He bought a Guzzi tutto terreno instead to keep his versus company
Correction on my part. The Monster is still Desmo!! I got confused reading about the Panigale frame.
Just got some new Klim Mojave pants. The colour clashes wonderfully with my current Klim jacket so I shall have to drop a big hint for a birthday Klim Baja jacket...............which funnily enough the colour of matches the pants perfectly, what a happy coincidence, eh.;)

Note: I was eyeing up the Baja jacket as a highly ventilated jacket for the festeringly, sweltering summers here, not cheap. Then I noticed that the highly ventilated Klim Mojave pants were being marked as being discontinued by a few of the big gear dealers. It just so happens that the Mojave pants are less than half the price of the Baja why would Klim sell a very similar pair of ventilated pants at less than half the price of the other pair, discontinue the cheap one's.

Gabion Groyne

New monster is not desmo. Proper engine with springs and 30,000km valve check interval and 15,000km oil change. Gotta love technology.
I think Ducati have ruined the Monster concept by taking away the trellis frame and putting plastic panels over the engine, and it now looks more like a Yamaha than a Duke, which is sacrilege. Wonder if it's to prepare us for an electric-box motor?

As for the new Aprilia Tuono 660: if looks could kill!

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