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I love my motorcycle

A fave road since my days as a 2 stroke hooligan in the late 80's. Yes, the sunday view-seekers ruin the road every fcuking time, in sensible cars taking granny out for one last view.


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Carbon 6

War Hero
Should add, of the Supermotards that were commercially available it’s got to be the original KTM Duke, complete with wire wheels.

I bought a new KTM 625 Supermoto in 2005. It was a superb machine, but had a tiny 9 litre tank. I was out for a run in the wilds once and by the time I found a fuel station, the only petrol I had left was half way down the carb float bowl. I traded the 625 for a 640 Adventure the next week, it had a 28 litre tank.
Many on the forum may know I have a history with bikes however - I'm now in the situation where I have to sell a terminally ill mates BMW R1100S (02 plate) for as much as poss, as quickly as poss.

Top tips for where to advertise - MCN still or eBay, FB Marketplace any good?

Naturally I'm in the situation where I may have to sell a bike I don't own, from my location, no test rides etc and transfer of funds.
Must admit I'm feeling a bit clueless.

Any, and all, caveats appreciated.

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
First thing be careful about details
lots of motorcycel thefts are tied into for sale adverts
Ebay seems to attract the mongerati
time wasters, crims, stupid old gits who just want to bore your arse off
Motorcycle news is a good one
Autotrader works well
facebook motorcycle selling sites can be good, but be careful about releasing details
how many miles has it done
does it have a BMW service history
accident damage ?
accessories ?
other option is to put it into auction
if you have a local motorcycle shop might be worth chatting with them
I know of a helpful one in Gloucestershire, small business specialises in BWM they often take bikes for sale on behalf of clients

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