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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by 5205Bradders, Dec 27, 2008.

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  1. This forum is bordering on pointless, in forum I mean the RMP specific area of the forum, when you get people of other capbadges, or 'ex-servicemen' (who are generally so f**king out of touch its funny) come onto any thread that refers to the role of the RMP, or a potential recruit asking questions on here about the RMP, or just the RMP in general and insisting that they have their two-pence worth of input. Its age old, and gets boring...obviously other servicemen tend to have a distain for the RMP as they are responsible for law enforcement, but surely Mods should do a bit more to filter out the absolute t**ts that decide they want to have a dig because the title of the thread contains 'RMP'. In the majority of cases its flaming, and generally kills off or diverts a thread from the posters original intent.

    Just a final word; what's the point in having your two-pence worth when the majority of posters that slag the RMP off have never, so they claim, had any dealings with the RMP... Everyone does a job at the end of the day, and every job needs someone to do it, because I'm pretty sure the MoD would have binned the job and saved £££ years ago if it wasn't necessary... As for people bitching about speed traps on tour, how would you like to have a brother who was on tour with you die because he was speeding??? Its called f**king force protection fellas. Servicemen of other capbadges may bitch and slag us off, but then when they need assistance we are still there, and don't give me the bulls**t line that you don't need any, because quite evidently that's horses**t.
  2. Well said.
  3. Get lost monkey.
  4. Had one encounter with Rmp's, whilst being in for questioning one of your guys decided he'd find it proper to ring my girlfriend (who was a witness at the time) at 3am whilst he was on shift. So Instead of beating the shit outta the prick i thought id do the right thing and report it, and we didnt even get an apology, he didnt get a warning, but I got Co's orders for the crime ( not moaning about that though, I deserved it!).

    So to be honest I can comment on this, I do have a grievance and I think your system is absolute bullshit... however I do remain.... your obediant servant sir ;)
  5. Poof..............
  6. Finished? Good.

    If you are the epitome of the modern miltary policeman, we're all doomed. Go and cry in a corner, you big wuss.
  7. :roll:
  8. Why should you get an apology for your girlfriend? Anyways, it's her fault for hanging about with a crim. You should be apologising to her for making her watch you fettle young men.

  9. Nice one cyril! Yawn!
  10. Ooh get you-no sense of humour then?

    As for doing the right thing by not beating the shit out of him, you mean you had a moment of lucidity which had earlier escaped you, and realised that even the female LCpl on duty that night was likely to give you the shoeing of your life.

    It's RMP not RMP's. Not that it matters.
  11. Sorry nackered today. If it was a fem id have been happy wouldnt you, and yep she could beat the sh*t outta me too.

    Livin the dream!
  12. Ah, sense of humour up and running now.

    There are several female lancejacks I would be quite happy to take a beating off!
  13. Are you two married?
  14. No. Is that a proposal? I don't come cheap.
  15. Thought you did, that's why I asked. Sorry.

    <shuffles off>