I love being in the army because . . .

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 81cufc, May 2, 2011.

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  1. tonight I have parted ways with the latest in a long line of dorris's! Yet, I've been out with the lads & now read some shit on here (under the influence), which has made me laugh & realise that life isn't that serious!

    Why do/did you love being in the army?
  2. Because I don't actually do much real work.
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  3. I can't really remember much, it was far too long ago and I was pissed most of the time!
  4. Every day was something different. No matter where you were posted, there was always someone there you knew who'd greet you like a long lost mucker and get the first round in. Civvies looked at you in awe when you said you were serving. Watching the same civvy's jaw dropping when you related some of the things you'd done/seen/heard. Twenty years passing and meeting up with someone you'd served with and it was like you'd just seen them yesterday.
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  5. Working with blokes you coud trust with your life (if not your wife), in places you wouldn't otherwise see, for an employer who would fund your skydiving/skiing/water-skiing/climbing habit as a matter of essential professional development, with the prospect of being at centre stage (OK - unacknowledged) of history (be it burying Monty, the Fall Of The Wall, or marrying Kate) . . . wot's not to love . .
    . . . and there's that bit too - I think . . .
  6. Wot she said ^

    And wot he said too ^ Two thirds of my career in BFG will do that to you ^^
  7. Shagging the newly posted in females as part of their welcome to the Unit.
  8. Everyday I can waterski,climb mountains,parasail and a host of other activities....wait a minute thats when I'm on the rag using a tampon
  9. army wage
    civy wage

    i fookin love the TA........................
  10. Are you that cunt Frank from the adverts?
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  11. i can walt it up with my telic medal on

    i realy do love the TA............
  12. i get free food at weekends..........

    the TA ,half a job,,, all the pay. i loooove it..........
  13. I get surprise holidays.Usually where there are no Germans bagging the deckchairs.Natives are not all friendly.
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  14. Made me laugh out loud, claim your yellow handbag on the way out :)
  15. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Fuck knows, I'm just a weekend hobbyist. Apart from that 2003 malarky of course.