I love a good Martini.......

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Bennett, Dec 3, 2005.

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  1. Since its Saturday night what drinks do people like before hitting the town? You know to make your night out a bit cheaper.

    Any good warm up drinking games?
  2. Bennett your continuing genius never ceases to amaze me. It's Saturday, not Friday, doofus
  3. Yep just changed that ...... Into Martini No 6

    Yep tsar nick the only post you seam to muster is a pointless derision of others do you have

    A) a sense of humour
    B) a personality
    C) A Penis
    You would claim to have all in abundance but you just appear to be (in all your 200 odd posts) a derogatory CNUT with no actual point of view

    Edited to improve my poor English skills
  4. And I mean all your posts. You must be the dullest **** on the planet. Please go and have a 9mm asprin before you bore all of us to death. I'm not kidding you are a ****
  5. * means C U N T but the engine blocks it.....
  6. Ah come on Bennett, we met plenty like him over the summer ;) should be used to them now
    Bet he's like that to the kids too
  7. Awesome drunken abuse. Got a new Arnie drinking game mongoose. based on Conan The Destroyer..... Its called Flex.....whenever Arnie flexes his muscles you drink.
  8. ahahahahahahah!

    Im sure Dave will approve 8) are you around at Christmas? It may have to be deployed
  9. I'll be around weekend 18-20th but off to sunny Shropshire after that.

    sorry, bit of a fan.

  11. Not so much a drinking game to warm up with but a few drinks, me and my mate used to try and come up with new drinks (mixed up) and see how fcuked we could get on them. That and they had to be odd drinks.

    We got to the point of mixing half a pint of the cheapest and foulest cider and then mix it with the cheapest vodka we could find. Not much could be re-called after that lot. I guess it kind of became a game, trying to find the cheapest sh1te about and seeing if we could mix it all up and not throw it up.

    But i don't drink much any more and very carefull what i drink these days (also lies through back teeth but thats the official reply to other half and the docs) :D