I loathe the BBC

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. I was moved to rabid outrage at the news that the BBC had faked a story about the Queen walking out of a photoshoot. I now detest the BBC with a hatred that is only slightly less than that for a certain unmentionable ex-PM. After all they represent the same corrosive influence at the heart of national life which seeks to sneer at tradition and decency and promote a vacuous celebrity culture.

    The only decent thing the BBC has done in the last decade or so has been the Gilligan WMD story, which was proven to be almost entirely correct despite the Hutton whitewash.

    Reasons why I hate the BBC:

    1. See the story above!
    2. The nauseating Kaplinsky woman. I believe there is more in-depth analysis on CBBC's Newsround programme. She should be put in a rocket and fired into the Sun immediately.
    3. The celebrity-obsessed news. I switched on breakfast "news" recently and the lead item was a certain celebrity couple doing something football-related in California, which is of zero relevance. Meanwhile, troops are risking their necks in Iraq and Afghanistan, crime is rife on UK streets, communities are struggling to recover from flooding etc.... The unspeakable woman at 2. above is the main culprit.
    4. The metropolitan elite bias of the wretched organisation. If you are not an urbanite metrosexual then the BBC is not interested in you. If you are middle-class and from the provinces, particularly from the countryside, then you are a class enemy! The untimely death of John Peel has left a painful void on Saturday morning radio. This has been filled by a woman called Fi Glover. Normally I would have no axe to grind, but a few months ago she tore into an interviewee who made some admittedly un-PC remarks about "gypsies".
    5. The blatant New Liabour political bias. Kirsty Wark's sneering hatchet-job on Alex Salmond last month exemplifies this. She should be drowned in a barrel of Buckfast immediately and put into the same Sun-bound rocket as the Kaplinsky woman!

    What to do? A mass campaign of licence fee non-payment? March on BBC HQ? Storm the building in a coup? I am seriously considering chucking the TV if I can find some way of playing DVDs only.

    :evil: :x

  2. and ITV is any better?

    There's always the option of not turning the shite on.
  3. I agree with you on most points there, but with reference to point 2, are you saying that you wouldn't bang her back doors in with her looking back at you with doe eyes.
  4. One good thing with the BBC is sports coverage. If your watching Rugby or football at least you dont get adverts like Sky and ITV. All media people are from the same back ground and would sell their mothers for a good story or rating. When sh*t comes on the remote is always available as said above.
  5. I used to listen to Radio5 in the mornings, but you would think that its all about the presenters, the way they go on about each other. They have also started this habit of saying "the BBC has learned" or "Radio 5 understands"

    FFS - just read the news !!!
  6. Other news media can get away with a certain bias, they answer somewhat to impartiality guidelines but their main concern is advertisment, therefore ratings - they have to go by what the population want/feel. The BBC is funded by people and it's bias is strange because it seems to alienate the majority of our population.

    I gave up on BBC years ago, not necessarily the news, but their programme output is diabolical, they have a nest of slimey, overpaid presenters, and the licence fee seems somewhat of a robbery. Crimewatch was the last thing I watched, now that has dumbed down, with moody atmospheric music now on the reconstructions! Plus, they rejected my manuscript for a great new drama series....
  7. Not heard of Kaplinsky - is this fact showing my age.

    I agree with the entire post the BBC (Bliar, Brown, Campbell) is nothing but an expensive, tax payer funded, propaganda organization for the limp-wristed, left-leaning, homo and lesbian loving, quasi Marxist sh*tes currently running what is laughingly called a 'government' in this wretched country.
  8. Come on Is - get off the fence and say what you really mean.
  9. Today programme this morning at about 0855 had someone on saying he was a former BBC type and described the typical Beeb worker as typically young, 'liberal', anti-monarchy, anti armed forces, middleclass, in fact anti-institutions generally. I would have taken notes but I was too busy growling.

    I believe you are also statistically more likely to be urbanite, ethnic, of alternate sexuality, a graduate from an arts/media subject and unaware of any event outside of the M25. The corporate culture is inward-looking, self obsessed and almost as divorced from reality as our dear departed PM.

    An institution that was once the byword for honesty and probity (and which made their radio newsreaders wear ties, now that's proper Britishness!) is now infested with metropolitain Tarquins and Trishas and heading for the lowest common denominator like the Titanic heading for the seabed.

  11. Just buy a flat screen pc monitor or projector system, rig the pc up for internet TV , sorted! I have just looked into the implications of this myself, firstly along the lines of that I pay 50 quid to sky every month and my terrestrial aerial is no even connected, SKY do pay BBC a certain amount to broadcast their material so why pay twice? It seems that their is an answer and technology is to thank, unfortunate now that TV's are so complex you cant just isolate the tuner card/circuit.
  12. What's the BBC's motto? .....something along the lines of..........
    "And Nation shall speak Truth unto Nation"
    yeah.............nuff said

    [edited for typo with hands like feet]
  13. The BBC really isn't that bad.

    The real problem is that successive governments keep making noises about cutting funding/losing the licence fee, citing audience figures vs populist entertainment on other channels. So to keep its audience share high, the BBC
    keeps putting on populist celebrity-tinged dreck just to compete.

    IMHO, the licence fee money should be ring-fenced just for news, current affairs and high-end factual documentaries, keeping BBC 2 & 4 as they are now, but better, with the best of BBC1 programming added to it.

    BBC1 & 3 should compete in the marketplace for the chav audience, no licence fee, adverts, the lot.

    BBC News isn't worth watching before 10 at the earliest (except for the 8'o clock on BBC4), then Newsnight. Really, though, C4 News is the only watchable
    news programme.

    Radio: the Today prog's excellent, as is the World Service. BBC News for the rest of the world is far better than the pap we get served, and incredibly important as a tool of foreign policy. It would be immensely short-sighted to bin it for the sins of light ent.
  14. Now everythings gone digital cant they get rid of the news off BBC1 and 2 as everyone can watch it on news24 whenever they want to. That way they might put decent programs on in its place and we may get our moneys worth of programmes. I pay £53 a month for sky+ and multi room for kids so feel its unjust to have to pay for sh*t on BBC, they should be looking at decent programmes and not putting the same things to fill up on different channels.
  15. Yeah, but it's part of their public service remit, edumacating the nation whether they want it or not... it gets extremely high audience figures too, so it'll never happen.