I know where you live wee man

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Feb 1, 2004.

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  1. Spooks turn to hi-tech geography

    Extracts information from e-mails? FARK 8O best encrypt me grot.

    All joking aside, we knew this, just scary to have it confirmed. So if I typed, Cave , Tora Bora , Goat Curry , Taxi, Afghanistan , it would end up on this database?

    Most scary
  2. PTP what you worried about..every time you fill out an online form you have given away your base station location........as for the other shit; what you worried about? Even keywords have to take time to be evaluated :lol:
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Probably only if you included: bomb, flight, USA.

    I'll let you know when the black helicopters start circling overhead.

  4. Yep and with that small collection, they have located you in the West Midlands.......Wolverhampton to be precise.
  5. Do British Telecom normally work on Sundays? And my internet connection seems a bit slow toda
  6. Well, looks like you've got me sussed then.
  7. GCHQ are not involved in electronic surveillance of subjects on the UK mainland.

    Sorry Cheeky, just thought I'd point that out.
  8. Capt Cheeky is correct, there are many technologies available on the open market, as good as many products from Fort Meade.

    Sadly, some would say that capitalism has gone too far as operational capability is commercialised in the name of the tax dollar. But enough of those old cold war days!!

    My cousin Salim has a small stall in the ISTAR and FP souk and, although not an authorised re-seller, highly recommends this inovative speech recognition product, manufactured in Dundee.


    PM me for a price :wink:
  9. Are you sure? So who carries out electronic surveillance of suspect Al Qaeda subjects then - Inspector Frost?! Next you'll be telling me that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. 8)
  10. It would seem very presumptuous to say GCHQ don’t monitor the UK mainland... Then again Frost is good at what he does! :wink:
  11. Have (AK47) hours of fun (RPG7) by smattering your (semtex) emails with words (timer) and phrases that could be (death to the American Infidels) construed of being (British Airways flight 123) worthy of closer scrutiny by those who (pipe bomb) are doing the watching. :D 8O
  12. Baron

    Unfettered by Defense Lobbyists on capitol Hill there are some quarters where the Wal Mart like mantra of pile em high and sell em expensive, to keep our boys safe, does not apply. Machine based intel analysis certainly keeps the NASDAQ running high.

    I am told that Al Qaieda's current weaposn of choice are the Glock and the Colt commando, both freely available from Billy Bob's gun cabin in Great Falls Montana. ( all major credit cards accepted)

    They buy their claymores there, it's a lot more convenient than having to make your own pipe bombs! ( how sordid). They prefer to Fly Swissair as the service is far superior to BA.

    If they are flying BA, have to resort to AKs, RPGs and pipe bombs then our analysts would guess that it's proabably some low rent Brit security company working in Iraq for US AID or DFID. :lol:
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    If I recall one of the intelligence "errors" prior to 11/9 was that the security services spent all their time tearing apart the code of JPEG's and AVI's looking for secret messages when in fact normal text emails were being used along the lines of:

    Salim, Have a nice flight on Tuesday, Rgds OBL

    Which rather unfortunately would appear a little tricky to track down. Rather reluctantly I might recommend the latest Tom Clancy book as it has some good points (even if the plot is for morons).

    Mr H