I know were all fed up of Jade Goody, but heres one more..

Parky hits out at 'ignorant and puerile' Jade
Tue Apr 07 10:54AM by TV Editor

Sir Michael Parkinson has launched a tirade against Jade Goody.

The veteran broadcaster told the latest issue of Radio Times that the late reality TV star represented "all that is paltry and wretched about Britain."

He said: "Jade Goody has her own place in the history of television and, while it's significant, it's nothing to be proud of. Her death is as sad as the death of any young person, but it's not the passing of a martyr or a saint or, God help us, Princess Di.

"When we clear the media smoke screen from around her death, what we're left with is a woman who came to represent all that's paltry and wretched about Britain today.

"She was brought up on a sink estate, as a child came to know drugs and crime, was barely educated, ignorant and puerile. Then she was projected to celebrity by Big Brother and became a media chattel to be exploited til the day she died."

His comments come just days after Jade Goody was laid to rest following a funeral that drew comparisons with that of Princess Diana. Thousands of mourners lined the streets and threw flowers as the hearse made its way to the service in Buckhurst on Saturday.

Linkie- http://uk.tv.yahoo.com/blog/article/138886/
At last, someone in the media said it...............................


Amen Parky! Amen!
At last soemone has seen the light and spoken out
Great. A sycophantic egoist passes comment on a thick dead girl and it’s “news” - who gives a toss what one nonentity thinks about another nonentity?
Bang on. Why shouldn't someone with a degree of intellect speak what is to a lot of the population, the simple facts?

Note that he didn't attack her, rather the media circus and society that placed her in the position she was in.

"When we clear the media smoke screen from around her death, what we're left with is a woman who came to represent all that's paltry and wretched about Britain today.

"She was brought up on a sink estate, as a child came to know drugs and crime, was barely educated, ignorant and puerile."

So fvcking true!


Parky has said what a lot of people in this country have been thinking. Well done that man.


On Sunday I went to get the papers for myself & my neighbour downstairs in the apt below mine,I got my usual Sunday Times & his News of the Screws.On seeing the front page & that it was a 'Goodymonster souvaneer edition',he bunged it straight in the bin.
Perhaps it is better to finish his comments

Goody was "the perfect victim of our times...brought up in a cesspit of poverty and died to an orchestrated chorus of exploitation".

"All that is to be wished of such a troubled soul is: rest in peace."

Although I don't there is any love for Goody, it is her exploitation that has really hacked Parky off


Well done Parky, Good man.
He's said what every decent person in the UK has been thinking. Sir Michael I doff my hat to you.

don't want all these Chavs sending naughty emails to arrse complainng.. :)


Shows what a bunch of 2 faced twats people can be, this time last year we all hated her n took the piss now people are treating her as if she's a saint.

She did some good but its a shame it took someone in the public eye dying to make people realise how important smear tests etc are and to make to govt think about bringing the age they invite women for a smear test from 25 back down to 20.

What was she famous for again???


War Hero
First miracles reported at Jade's Shrine

Pilgrims at the shrine of the newly beatified Jade Goody are reporting a huge number of miracles that they attribute to her intervention. This has increased the pressure on the Vatican to fast-track her canonisation as St Jade of Bermondsey and have her officially installed as Patron Saint of the Inexplicably Famous.

Despite the location of the tomb being kept secret, devotees are travelling to it in their thousands to pray for rich boyfriends, large diamonds, mock Tudor mansions and other signs of Jade's favour. In extreme cases, they walk the entire 54-mile route from the Big Brother house in Elstree to the tomb in rural Essex in six-inch white stilettos, pausing every ten yards to sink to their knees in front of a footballer.

At the shrine, the smell of Sshh¦ perfume hangs thick in the air. Flowers, golden Manolo Blahnik shoes, fake Gucci bags and copies of Heat magazine form a carpet on the ground as a small army of pilgrims prostrate themselves weeping before the pink and white marble tomb.

The miracles claimed already run into the hundreds:

Stacey Hawkins, a 20-year old adherent from Billericay, is adamant that she has the saint to thank for the recent upturn in her fortunes. She dismisses the doubts expressed by sceptics as"taking f@cking liberty !"

"Abaht month ago, right, I was working in the Carphone Warehouse. Then I prayed to a picture of the Blessed Jade in that 20-page spread in OK, innit, and now I've got a contract to do some topless modelling for the Sunday Sport. Wicked init" Hawkins told reporters.

Likewise, Kylie-Louise Martindale, 19, a shoe showroom assistant from Chatham, believes that her blessings are down to the holy relic she acquired on her pilgrimage. Since buying one of the white leather handbags Jade promoted at Lakeside, she has dumped her former boyfriend and is now going out with the right back from Leyton Orient.

Despite these and many other stories, the Vatican is maintaining a sceptical stance. It requires that all reported miracles must be witnessed and tested rigorously before official recognition is granted.

Monsignor Dennis Rourke has been named "Devil's Advocate" to test the claims in this case and report back to Pope Benedict.

He stated "We may be witnessing a genuine phenomenon of a beatified person intervening on Earth or we may not" Rourke cautioned. "For instance, Kylie-Louise may owe her new boyfriend as much to the way she rubbed her crotch against his leg in a nightclub as she does to the relics - and by the way these may not even be genuine fakes."


Parky is an irritating "professional Yorkshirist", but his comments on the creature are spot on.

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