I know this will probably end up in the Science Forum but.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrShanklysboots, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. .......doesn't a stream of Neutrinos going faster than the speed of light in a measurable and consistent manner turn Einstein, his special theory of relativity and most of what we thought we knew about Physics on its ear? Even the boffins that did it are at a loss to explain it :nod:

    BBC News - Speed-of-light experiments give baffling result at Cern
  2. Since these same apparent results were seen years ago in USA but dismissed as experimental errors, my money is on the same fate for the Cern discoveries.
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  3. Do not mess with my fantasies Sir! I demand a FTL vortex opening wristwatch be made this year so as to be affordable for next Christmas.

    On serious note, their margin of error is almost as big as the measurable difference so you are probably right. Am I sad for finding it just a bit fascinating / exciting?
  4. I've been telling people for years that Einstein was wrong. Now, get me out of this asylum.
  5. Surely the physicists should be saying that the science is clear and fixed, and that the clear consensus is that nothing can travel faster than light, so we shouldn't even be looking? That's how it works with Global Warming, anyway....
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  6. If true, and travel at faster than the speed of light were possible, then perhaps the little green men do come from other star systems.
  7. There'll be a queue of boffins lining up for funding to repeat the experiment, another shedload churning out theories to explain the anomaly if it isn't an error and someone will become famous when an experiment is devised that confirms their theory. ISTR Einstein presented his theory to explain some anomaly with the accepted theory about the speed of light.
  8. light is confined ot liniear travel according ot the theories of the space tiem continum (fringe scinece especially) the fabric of the univers is made up of ripples thus it should be possible for a aprticle ot skip across the ripples thus traveling faster than light which has to follow the surface lines, hopefully we will see some clever bugger devise ftl drive tech and start deepspace exploration (unammned in the interests of human saftey of course)
  9. Oooh you cynic you!
  10. Nope. Einstein created laws that could handle situations that Newtons laws could not, simply because Newton did not know about them. All this does it show that in some cases, maybe Einstein's rules don't apply in some situations which he never said they would. Or maybe it's just an experimental error.
  11. One interested commentator said that the most likely explanation was that coordination of the start/end atomic clocks was at fault. In other words experimental error (again). Any thoughts?

  12. That is interesting extrapolation. However, I think that since the new results almost match some previous results from the USA, the scientists will now be burning the midnight oil to try to glean something from it.

    There was a very simple experiment done in a German sound lab a few years ago, where splitting the output from an amplifier which was playing Beethoven and transmitting the sound waves through two identical channels involving semiconducter "hole" technology and LED light modulation, resulted in one of the channels being 180 deg out of phase. It was concluded at the time that one of the channels had been speeded up but no one knew why. Then it all went very furtive with that project.
  13. It's surprising how often people will find something that completely contradicts the existing literature and discard it because they think it's something to do with their experimental setup, and consequently discard their findings.
  14. With all due respect you may have made a valid point. But to be honest, I know sprogs of six who can spell better than you.

    I know people sometimes hit the wrong key, but to spell 'to' as 'ot' ? 'Tiem' I presume you meant 'Time.'

    Makes it hard to understand, and harder to take you seriously.