I know this is really a Signals question but...

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by thelostboy, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. ... it occcured to me that some people who post in here but don't read the Signals board might be able to help me with a question about the EW sys op filter course to asses your aptitude to go to Chicksands;

    see here

    any help gratefuly received, thank you
  2. take it snagglepuss's pm didn't answer your question then?
  3. It did sort of. He was very helpful indeed and I thanked him. He gave me some information on what he thought was in the course. I was just thinking someone else may know something else or may just be able to offer some advice etc. If I get a few answers that all sound similar then i'll have built up a more acurate picture. I just thought no harm in asking! :thumright:
  4. Cooking, making brews and heights and gains are all I've ever known Spec ops (they'll never be EW Sys Ops) do on tour!

    Hope this helps :thumleft:
  5. Ditto

    They are also handy to take on exercise. I always found spec ops were particularly useful when it comes to sorting out who was going to be stagging on, whilst the linguists did all the work.
  6. Don't forget the old addage "What's the difference between your det Spec Op and the tyres on your 'rover?-The tyres stop whining when you get into location"
  7. The tyres are looked after and have a meaningful career ?????

  8. Unlike CR then....
  9. Yes but thats CRs fault ......................
  10. Shirley you mean its the fault of CR's CR's?

    wait for it...wait
  11. Who has seen his arse? I know I haven't (thankfully).
  12. how do you know you haven't? ever done the whiskey course? :)

    you might have seen a very tastefully done ghostly arse-shot lol
  13. I did the whiskey course...

    ...wait for it...

    ...I lost three days!!!
  15. I feel really, really ill...........