i know this has probably been asked but....

im 18....14stone exactly...and a rugby forward (so you get an idea of my build) 6ft 0in
i was just wondering what is my ideal weight for my weight/heigt age ratio?

i applied once before but didnt follow it through as i had childhood asthma and was told i had to be 4yrs clear of symptoms or treatment....so far its been 2 and a bit years....so i want to start getting into shape :) and was wondering what my target should be.....

thankyou for any advice!!!!(good or bad)

I wouldn't worry about any of that height wieght ratio bit...all very good for the "nutritionalists" and "Sports whateverists" but not much good when it comes to the infantry.

Just make sure that you can do a BFT, ICFT and loads and loads of tabbing. If on joining you can already breeze 25km, you will be quids in, and you'll have no problems.

Tabbing long distances used to be the big thing, but now, I've heard, BFT and ICFT are far more important,since they dont expect blokes to have to tab for 25-50km on Ops any more, although I'm not sure they're right. But you'll need to be able to tab too, with CEMO, or whatever its called now (webbing, bergen and weapon(s) ) which is its own special thing.

I'm about the same build as you, but a thousand years older, slightly taller, and found the running hard work, the CFT distinctly average fun, (mind you the marching bits were a respite from the double time bits), but strangly, perhaps because of the long legs, I found the long distance stuff a breeze.

If you like being out and about, even carrying the weight (you only notice how painful it is when you take it off), you'll really enjoy the longer tabs. So do plenty of that, before you apply, walking (not strolling) carrying a bergen ( it will help your general fitness anyway, and not strain your lungs/asthma thing too much), and you'll be streets ahead of many blokes who join up having gone to the gym, done a few runs in trainers, and seen a few films.

Just being used to boots, in general (don't even dream about being one of those guys on here who asks "which are the best ones to buy?" you'll have to use the issue ones, so be clever, get hold of a pair now, and break them in), chaffing thighs, sore feet and so on will really help you. The "nause-factor" of ICFTs and RFTs(regimental) fitness tests is what often puts new blokes off the idea of being an infantryman, as the general discomfort is something that not many, including rugger players, are used to.

The other thing to remember is that different blokes are good at different bits. If, on a ICFT for example, you are lagging behind and someone takes a bit of weight off you, your weapon say, or the 94 ( if they still make each section carry one), don't be ashamed.

Similarily, if you are on a long tab, and some poor soul is struggling a bit, see what you can do to help him too. I've often found that I've benefitted from something having been taken off me on a ICFT, and have returned the general favour on long tabs, when swapping my rifle for a gimpy, or taking an 84( showing my age)/ or 94 off a guy was no skin off my nose.

It is all teamwork, and will get noticed by your DS.

I've seen blokes either side of the height/weight thing, very short and fat, hugely tall and skinny, tall and well built, short and skinny, do all that is required.

Just make sure you can do all three.

Don't, whatever you do, go body-building. These "rambos" usually can't hack it, since they have too much useless muscle to carry around. But if you're a big guy, and get into the endurance thing, I'd say you will be fine.

They'll probably make you carry the gun though :)

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