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I know theyll jihad me up big stylee for this but......

Racist? I dont think so. If this was removed (which im sure it wont be) then I would be extremely dissapointed. I think its fuc*en cracking. Well done that man.
The editor of Denmarks Jyllands Posten thought is was funny too..... :D
We think its funny too..... :D
Unfortunately several million muslims didn't....:(

CO's watch ya six.......
Im sure that a lot of muslims found it funny to crash planes into the World trade centre.

Let us have our humour at least it doesn't hurt anyone


Book Reviewer
the_guru said:
Fcuk em. They should lighten up. And we should stop being so scared to upset them. I got upset on July 7th last year.
Sound sentiments. Tolerance and forebearance are not common in their world, I'm afraid (especially not this part of it).
One of the few occasions im going to have to actually agree with the guru here (theyre becoming far too often).

If people don't like something then they don't have to look at it. I didn't like watching British citizens getting blown up but that was all over the news. So like he said....

Fcuk em if they can't take a joke
I'm muslim and found it hilarious!

Most of us can distinguish between proper jokes and insenstive comments designed to provoke like the Danish cartoons.

edited for mong speeeling
Certianly the funniest thing ive seen all week. I know I can take a joke aimed at my appearence, ethnicity, career choice whatever.

So why can't these fcuckers?

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