I know someone will complain its not shooting but...

Anyone involved in Archery?

My dad used to be a member of a club and I have tried it in the past and wasn't too bad and I now have the urge to try it properly. I'd like to start on Target recurve, but possibly field archery (tried it on holiday and it wasn't bad)

Basically I'm failing to manage to contact any of the local clubs from thier website info and was hoping someone might have a better idea - short of buying the kit and taking pot shots at the local chavs.



p.s. for those who will tell me to go and do proper shooting...been there, got the T-shirt...and I've got nowhere to keep a rifle.
I complain most vehemently, the thread clearly states Shooting...

1 x self-fulfilling prophecy= £20, just send it attached to an arrow into a neabry photogenic tree.
depends where you are try the website http://www.gnas.org/
should put you in touch with local clubs give them a ring if theres a telephone number handy.
beware theres a lot of good people in archery and a few blazer glad W********
as well though :(
teach archery to a very low standard for kids while saving for my own kit :cry:
Quicks can be very useful for equipment.


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I did an archery course this spring past as I was a bit bored of shooting. I really enjoyed it - a very different kettle of fish to shooting and a lot more satisfying. I'm just trying to find a venue in London now since moving down here for work a few months ago.
I do N.F.A.S. field archery, For more info see here:http://www.nfas.net/nfas_aboutthenfas.asp

All our courses are unmarked (i.e. unknown distances), usually situated in woodland, and our targets are predominatly 3D or paper animal faces.

Its a different challenge from target archery, and simulates hunting.

As to "proper Shooting", Archers have been "shooting" for a damn sight longer than those uncouth loud bangy things. :wink:

Though if I lived Septic side I would definetly making more noise.

I also Recommend Bowsports: http://www.bowsports.com/acatalog/Bowsports_Catalogue_New_Products_6.html

Good service and advice.
We have just had a local country fair at the big house in the village and for the second year on the trot I had a go and loved it!
I tried a long bow and a recurve, I can see that the long bow is the difficult one to use (do you archers agree?) the big house had their own archery lawn, I mean how up market is that? :roll:
All I have to do now is wait for the NRA to get right up my nose yet again and I will join the local club, which I think is Salisbury.
When you start talking to Archers you realise that they make a lot of their own stuff (reloading) in much the same manner that we do our thing, which reminds me I have an RCBS power trimmer coming in the next couple of days to speed things up a bit.

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