I know its not shin splints......

Shin pains then chaps, I know its not shin splints, because im not crying my eyes out.

Im pretty sure its something to do with the muscles over the shin, any ideas how to counteract it?

(I am currently performing RICE treatment)
Shins splints is a generic term for about 15 different conditions, of varying pain. One of them is where the calf muscle starts to peel away from the tibia.

Carry on RICEing, and cut down running to about 50% of what it is now. Start biking what your running currently a week, and swimming also to keep you in top aerobic shape. Give it a few weeks and try increasing your running by about 15-20% per week.

Also PM inbound about strengthening exercises. Do them in addition to your training.
continue with RICE, but lets face it you'll not take advice anyway so why ask for help?
Topper, last time was at the end of the season, and there was no way I was missing the last 2 games. Stupid, yes, Foolhardy, yes, and I can see that now. But its done.

Basically, just got back of a course, went for a light run and some Rugby training this evening, and my right shin is giving me pain. Its not agonising or anything, but its enough to bother asking about it.

If there is any sort of swelling around the painful area, its a good sign it is splints. See your physio or your PTI. They should be able to give a more definitive answer/diagnosis...

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No swelling, and its on the opposite leg from a previous injury, so its nothing to do with that directly.

Just feels like a lightly pulled muscle.


Try Anterior Compartment Syndrome, stretching is the way ahead for that!
Pain? Nothing quite like it!
CutLunchCommando said:
You might be pronating. I was (symptoms sound similar) and a visit to the chiropodist put me on the road to recovery.
Ah that old chestnut. I super-pronate, and I think that is a major contributory reason to my splints. Sooooo painful! And annoying to boot, as no training can take place :(

My advice still stamds though Prae, go and see a pro. If it is splints, it will escalate to the point where you cant walk down the stairs quickly without getting shooting pains. And if it isnt, you'll find out what it is.
Shin splints is a generic term used to describe any kind of pain around the shin area. There are a number of different conditions that it could be.

I myself suffer from shin splints extremely badly and at one stage was finding it difficult to walk. I have found a number of things have helped me:

1) For cardio work try to replace some of your high impact exercise such as running with low impact excercise such as cycling or swimming. This is purely to keep fitness up whilst trying to solve the problem.

2) For sports invest in a pair of good quality running shoes. The best brands as recomended to me by my physiotherapist were Asics and New Balance. These again lessen the impact of sports on your legs and you may find this helps.

3) Finally I have tried homoeopathic remedies. This is a type of medication that is made entirley from natural substances. Talk to your doctor or local pharmacist on where to get these. For me I was asked to describe the pain, when it occurs etc. and the homoeopathic pharmacist (?) tailer made some medication for me. I was highly sceptical at the start but my symptoms seem to be much improved after only 2 weeks of the course.

Hope this helps.

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