I know its fecking illegal, but......

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Flagrantviolator, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. How would one go about distilling homemade wine into brandy. Looking for cheap and easy ideas. Also, what makes some moonshine poisonous and how do I avoid that?
  2. You might want to avoid using old car radiators to distill the vapor for a start. The lead content of the finished product will be dangerously high. :p
  3. A metal dustbin, lots of copper pipe (lined) and a constant heat source. Toxicity comes from the fact that ethanol is a poison and contamination - i.e. copper (copper pots and pans are lined with tin).
  4. I was more referring to how methyl alcohol sometimes gets in there, and how to avoid it?
  5. Pour the wine into a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer..... sieve out the ice and repeat. The more often you do it the less water content and higher the alcohol content. Unless you get silly with some liquid Nitrogen you won't get the alcohol content high enough to be dangerous.

    I would like to point out I have NEVER TRIED THIS BEFORE AND AM NEVER GOING TO..... honest Govn'r, but you did ask.
  6. You can separate the water from the alcohol either by distillation or by freezing (The alcohol goes liquid before the water ice and can so be separated)

    The nasties that do the damage are the higher esters which will break down over time which is why, in this country at least, whisky must be left to mature for at least three years.

    In addition all should be clean and the eqpt should not contain nasties like heavy metals (lead and solder) as mentioned above

    Anyway there is nothing like a wee meths and soda, or a boot polish sandwich
  7. I misheard you. I think you said distilling water at home. Didn't you?? :wink:

    In which case...http://sortlifeout.co.uk/catalog/index.php?cPath=45_41

    Friends of mine "erroneously" put some alcohol in theirs and ended up with an eau de vie. They quickly realised their mistake and disposed of the output. It must be a systemic fault because they still keep producing more. Remind me, water is that white liquid that comes in wine-bottles, right?
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  9. And try experimenting with additions - pears, plums, herbs, honey, quinces etc. I don't have to worry though because where I am every fecker makes it and I get it on the el cheapo :twisted:

    Oh and BTW


  10. try surfing aussie home distilling websites, hobby stills are legally available here and recipe books and correct flavouring components too, even 1 of our intrepid young warriors on his way to Iraqistan or Wigan you know? one of those AL Quiada whotsit places !! was picked up in sydney airport with a new still, just have a look folks!!
  11. Ahh... I get it re freeze distillation! Thanks folks. Same can be done with over the counter AC+C (Aspirin, codiene and caffiene) preparations. You'd look to get about 200 mgs. of codeine in a dose. (approx 30 tablets). Since codiene is still absorbable at around 3 degrees Celsius and aspirin is not, you disolve crushed tablets in 80 degree water until supersaturated, then cool to about 2 or 3 degrees. Codeine stays dissolved in water (use about 50 to 80 ml) while ASA precipitates to bottom. Strain well. This is completely safe, as codeine has an extremely high LD50 dose (dose that will cause death in 50 % of population), it would take about 3 grams of the stuff to kill a 180 lb. man. Never exceed 200 or so mgrams, though or the itching will be horrible. Best to star off at about 100-150 mgrams. Not that i'd know, or have ever tried it. Cheers. (BTW, tastes like lemonade gone horribly bitter, and those with caffiene sensitivities should refrain, as a 200 mg. dose will contain the equivalent of 2-3 cups of coffee)
  12. you crazy b@stard.
  13. PERSEC - bearing in mind I know a former RMP who worked with me in NI who is now a rozzer in Ontario. And is a member of ARRSE :D

    Best you lose tis one quick kiddo as he is a keen Elvis fan - favourite tune being "Suspicious minds" 8)
  14. Most sources of ethanol (methylated spirits, for example) these days are tainted with methanol, to stop undergraduate chemists manufacturing ridiculously strong liquor; this has a similar boiling point and so is difficult to remove. It is also very toxic. It will not be removed by distillation so don't bother distilling anything which isn't a drink to start with.

    Obviously very high concentrations of ethanol are harmful as well; attrctive as an 85% brandy might sound it isn't better than having eyesight. The eventual product will be nearly pure ethanol; dilute by volume to no higher than 50-60%

    Ethanol boils at 43C and is very flammable, so don't go mad with the heat source. A water bath is the best way, definitely not a naked flame; too hot. Remember water boils from 3C, so keep the heat as close to 45C as possible and redistill the distillate to increase the purity. Do not allow the impure mixture to boil dry.

    I take no responsibility for you going blind, dying or burning your house down :lol: