i know i sound dumb......

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by dkny, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. but can sum1 please give me a definitive meaning of the term 'WALT'
  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Just walk up to a mirror. look at it hard and see yourself. That is a Walt. Feck off spunkbubble. Look it up in ARRSEpedia
  3. calm down....relax....have i hurt u, does it bring back memories, was this once a title aptly given 2 urself......
  4. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I say again, Just walk up to a mirror. look at it hard and see yourself. That is a Walt. Feck off spunkbubble. Look it up in ARRSEpedia

    I have read your pus filled sh!te that you call posts. Now don't communicate with me ever, ever again.
  5. I hope this is a wah, if it is thats a mighty fine bite you have just got of mysteron!!!
  6. yes, i will take ur sound advice...and look it up. Though i guess from reading ur profile, i doubt id have much more research to do.

    u, r one of kind......
  7. If your assumed definition of a "Walt" is someone who wishes that they where actually a puppet in a 1970's Childrens TV program due to the unrecoverable psycological scars retained from their own bad experiances whenever a certain theme tune came on on a Friday night and Daddy started to take off his belt, then preceeded to string a little boy up like a marinet, then yes, your research is over.
  8. A walt is what pillocks who can't think fpor themselves call people because someone else calls them that, then , when you ask them what it means you get a load of abuse. I don'r know what a walt is either but I can recognise a pillock from afar.

  9. Hopefully you are too.... or shud that b 'u r 2'?

    How long have you been glue sniffing, DKNY?
  10. It's got to be a Wah, it's in the TA forum...
  11. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Unfortunately, this spunkbubble was been posting a lot of sh!te and has been winding me up for a while. I assure you that this is as good as that idiot gets to putting something near english on here.

    The bite was taken by me - Yes. But hopefully it will get the message.

    Edited for mong spelling, damn those bottles of Magners!! :oops:
  12. erus,

    No doubt some would argue that im one of a kind, although there may be some debate concerning the context.

    As for the glue......not sure how best to answer that one, though outa interest, why did u suggest that?
  13. Because Glue would be the most useful thing that your body, nay your existance could be used for?

    Just wildly stabbing in the dark, mind.
  14. Jesus, do you know how many fcuking threads there on this??? You too lazy to look it up or something???
    Stop posting sh1t like this, ok?
  15. You nearly had me believing your tripe about my topics. Its only after reviewing them that i realised you were completely mistaken. Furthermore, it would appear that my level of competency regarding the English language, is substantially better than yours......I can only assume that you have me confused with perhaps one of your other friends.