I know I left it here somewhere....

Glesga_short_bloke said:
Iran thing? What Iran thing?
Typo, meant to say 'Iron' thing.

Didn't iron my kit this morning, looked a little scuffy. I just wish we could drop the whole thing.


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Nah, it's a sub-area of Maryhill
old_fat_and_hairy said:
Nah, it's a sub-area of Maryhill
iran is certainly safer. 8O 8O 8O 8O
milsum said:
Iran 3 miles this morning.

Oh look, there's my coat.
Does this mean that there's a new, Apple, version of the age-old torture instrument (the iRack (Iraq))?

/gets coat
Holdfast said:
indoubitabley said:
I know it's a crap thread, destined for the hole, but at least it's nothing to do with the Iran thing
Shouldn't that be You Ran or You Rang thing?
indoubitabley said:
I was right with one thing...

...destined for the hole.
Story of my life.
I'll put in a word with DozyBint if you like, we were talking about fisting last night!!!!!
I'd just be lost for words.
Fisting is a bit like gambling.

There's always the chance you'll lose an arm and a leg.

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