I know how to save the the govenment £1.2 billion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CrimsonCrowbar, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. So the Labour party's answer to our spirialing crime rates and overcrowded jails is to build bigger "Titan" jails and buy another prison ship to be berthed off the isle of Portland.
    Well thats yours and my tax being used to ensure that lags have all the comforts that they "deserve" after mugging 80 year old ladies or fiddling with kids

    So maybe the govenment should consider the following:

    1. Opt out of the Human Rights Act and treat prisoners like the scum that they are

    2. Life means Life- not freed after a couple of years of basket weaving and attending the prison chapel

    3. Bring back the death penalty - forensics nowadays can nail someone years after the crime hence tobin now behid bars

    4. Cap immigration - "to little to late" we let people in to our country illegally "because we are spending £1.2 billion on jails" lets spend it on border control these people have come from countries were human life means little and will stick a knife in you rather than sey "hello"

    4. Take away their "comforts" :

    a. Quilts, after the almagamations of the early 90s the must be a shit load of army blankets in a store somewere give them to the B******* . Even 1 week under a Army blanket will break the strongest will.
    b. TVs - do lags pay for a TV licience, probably not however the lads who live in the blocks have to have one for each room (another way that the government "looks after" its troops) so take them away
    c. Lock them up for 23 hours in an overcrowded cell - why are they entitled to fresh air when the poor victim is probably 6 feet under
    d. Give them enough rations to live on none of this healthy stuff they are not there for the health benifits
    e. Get them doing hard labour
    f. Dont let them smoke take it away from them
    g. Why do they have privliges lags should have nothing when behind bars except a piss pot, a bed (with Army blankets), and minimum rations

    having spoke to a couple of people who have been inside they say its the easiest time of there life, 3 square meals a day, a roof over their heads and a bit of money in their pocket

    So what the Labour party needs to do is spend the money elsewhere make life in jail unbearable and make it what it use to be a PUNISHMENT to DETER people from commiting crimes


  2. msr

    msr LE

    1) Rather than opt out, what we need is a 'Human Responsibilities' Act, which sets out which behaviour / actions forfeits you which rights.

    It should also provide for a restoration of those rights dependent on your actions.

    e.g. Get sent to prison, lose your 'rights' to TV. Pass an educational course and get access for 1/2 hr per day.

  3. I personally think the Victorians wre on the right track as far a prisons are concerned.

    Hard bed, hard board, hard labour. In the last part of the 19th century, after the 1865 Prisons Act and under Assistant Director of Prisons Sir Edmund du Cane, prisons were made even tougher. Hard plank beds replaced hammocks, food was deliberately boring and inmates had to work hard on the monotonous, even pointless tasks.

    Sourced from the National archive...

    Do we really have a deterant now?

    Course you would still get the whining Civil Liberties brigade harping on about How we should all feel so sorry for em. Its not there fault you know.
  4. Very true MSR, the Human Rights act is too often used by convicts to demand luxuries. Human rights as you say should be renamed to better fit a new view of it, what it embodies should be available to all law abiding members of society. However if you steal, defraud, assault or murder somebody why should you be entitled to the rights of the majority? They have just proven they are not fit to be productive members or society. Therefore punishment as a deterrent, hard labour and harsh living. Im not condoning beatings and sleeping in hypothermia inducing conditions, but why should they sue the government for peoples tax money because they feel bad about having to crap in a bucket.

    Also people have an obsession with us having the highest prison population in Europe. Well if people commit crimes they have to be punished, only way to punish them is to provide a permanent deterrent, not microwaves in their cells. But hey that’s the bleeding heart liberals for you.

    The BBC had a program a few years back following homeless people in London and one of them summed up the prison service, back in the 60s homeless people were scared as hell to go to prison, now days they start fights to spend winter in jail with dinner menus and TVs in their cells.

    Edit to add - Im all for rehabilitation and strongly believe in it, but only after the sentence has been served in full. Big feck off stick then a carrot you could say.
  5. Food for thought........

    Nick Pearce is Director of IPPR

    Link to Nick Pearce reporting for newsnight on Danish prisons: www.news.bbc.co.uk/newsnight
  6. Lock the door, Blanket on the ground, bread and water once a day. Why do they get a better xmas dinner than a lot of OAPs, in fact why do they end up with a better life than a lot of their victims
  7. I would also propose that conviction of a crime results in the award of a MINIMUM sentence, whereas the law only provides for maximum sentences now

    Of course, the Judge can award any tarriff, subject to the minima and maxima... but conviction of crime X should result in a sentence of at least Y
  8. Prison on the United Kingdom should be a place where crims will NOT want to end up.

    Prisoners should be set sentences which can be extended for insubordination or other internal offences within the prison without further referral to the courts.

    Concurrent sentencing should be abolished,I.E. 58 counts of mugging at 6 months a pop will result in a sentence of 29 years.

    Penal servitude should be re-introduced,with for the worst offenders up to 16 hours a day(7 days a week) digging coal by hand,or something equally strenous.

    Convicted criminals should have NO access to lawyers.Visiting rights for all prisoners should be earned and not be a right.

    General prison conditions should be austere at best.

    Use of drugs or a positive drugs test within a prison should automatically carry the death penalty.

    Prison riots or seiges should be broken with maximum force.Rooftop protesters should be shot on sight.
  9. Work the hot bed system , each scroat gets 8 hours in bed then moves over to hard labour to let the next one in.
    Prison over crowding solved in one easy stroke , we could then lock three times as many of the scum away.
  10. I think the Danish system sounds better than any of the suggestions thus far.
  11. we `ve tried this system and it does nt work ,liberalism is whats wrong with this country now ,appeasing criminals doesnt work.liberalism is being tried in schools now ,and looks whats happening ,class rooms full of unruly kids not getting an education,100,000 kids playing traunt evryday,and its led to the highest number of children killing children with knives or guns ever recorded,liberalism has led to highest crime rate ever ,liberalism has been tried and has failed badly!
  12. Put prisoners on treadmills like they had in victorian times. They could turn an electric generator to provide free electricity to needy pensioners
  13. This idea has merit.
  14. in a word bollocks
    having worked with ex crims some old time lags and the usual dross they get used to it .
    they don't think about the consequences of there actions
    Some worry about getting caught
    a lot are so off there face at the time it wouldn't have mattered

    lock them up sober them up and equip them to cope in the "real world" before you let them out again

    not cause they deserve another chance
    but the majority of prisoners are going to get out so make sure they don't go back it.
    somebody who can't cope with life outside is going back inside and may hurt decent people on his way back inside
    colchester works
    now make a regime like colly but for civvy wasters and your onto a winner