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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Adam(KOS), Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. Adam,

    Don't waste your time with this when I have some magic beans for substantially less than the $27 they are charging.

    These beans come in pre packed in a tin with eye catching blue and white stripes down them, even say "Value" on the can so must be worth it and when planted can make you a fortune! I'll even throw in a mini can opener a la ratpack whick will make you twice as handsome as you already are!

    Loved this link, always like the way millionaire internet types are making so much free cash that they want to share their secrets with anyone for the price of a couple of pints.

    Thanks for brightening my day this early.

    Every little helps
  2. I think it was Henry Ford who said "No-one ever lost money betting on human greed and stupidity".

    Simple supply and demand should say that the more people who take up these opportunities, the less money they'll earn for them, assuming of course that they way these lads got rich was not simply to convince gullible chumps to send them money.

    On another matter, my rich uncle in Nigeria has left me $20,000,000 but I'm having trouble getting it out of the country. If you let me have your bank details I can transfer the funds to you for onward passage. I'll very generously let you keep $1m.
  3. Adam mate you and I both know that the only people who get rich from these schemes are the people that start them.

    They will get rich because people will send them $27 and then receive bone advice which they could have got for free from the web.

    They might as well say send me your money and make me rich - maybe that could be our angle!
  4. I should have made myself a little clearer.
    That site is one of ARRS's sponsers / adverts at the bottom of one of these pages
    :roll: Get my point? :?

    Edit to add Bottom. Sorry
  5. which forum?
  6. Ive seen it too, i think it was when i looked in troops to task this morning on page 1
  7. Sorry i take it back, the ad i saw was on the bottom of the Troops to Task thread,

    but it is a google adword.
  8. The ad's actually at the bottom of this thread, for me anyway...
  9. I've done some digging and this package basically translates as a 50 page pdf file written by a chink, with a poor grasp of English and a spasmodic approach to cutting and pasting in adobe illustrator - in order to give you a sense that there might be something in it... if you only squinted hard enough, and maybe if you have a code book handy...

    Along with this utterly useless manual of "geek porn" you get data... which basically amounts to a bunch of dodgy scripts and code that you could paste into a website if you wanted...

    It's about then that if you handed over any actual money to pish yourself off with this, that you'd consider topping yourself... but fear not... help is at hand with some soothing Chinese proverbs to motivate you into not giving up...

    All in all this is pretty much a pile of public body knowledge and for a little bit of digging around you'll find equal piles of cack spread quite freely all over t'internet, doing very little - also not making any money.

    So in summary it's an op copied by bunch of Slanty Swiss Tony's, and their All American Geek Boy Super Hero alter Ego's (of which he has a few), with waaaaay too much time on his hands; and he can in fact claim a degree of semi success for his volume of sales every month (at 1 or 2) far outweighs his previous business ventures, which included selling "chickens in a basket" from the back of his scoter and selling a range of dried squid chew bars in back street internet cafes.
  10. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Eh calm down calm down

    The advert is in a Google Adsense section, this means that the whole block of adverts is self configuring. It looks at the page and tries to match keywords to the ad content.

    Site owners basically have no control of the adverts but each time you click one they get a click revenue, thus the more lcicks the more cash. They might get the revenue but are not really a site sponsor as such

    At least thats what I am assuming
  11. Yup. Google matches ads with page content, and ARRSE earns every time you click one of their 'sponsored links'. However, it looks as though those particular ads were deliberately targeted at ARRSE.

    It is possible for the site admin to block certain advertisements from appearing, but it's really a waste of time when you consider how many sites of this nature there are out there.
  12. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    You actually get very little control. There is a competitive filter tool you can use to exclude certain URLS, mainly your competitors but it could perhaps be used to bar one URL or another. Probably the best things to do is ignore them from an advertising point of view but click them now and then to keep the funds roilling in!
  13. Don't want to be a technophobe but at which point does ARRSE earn and how much? If its just a case of clicking the link I'm happy to crack on and earn this website a small fortune as I'm sure we all could do :wink:

    Is it just one shot per sign in or can I retire and become a serial web link clicker!?