I knew there was something not right about these folks



That just gives me the hump.

Yes, I know where it is. Hanging up on the back of the door. But he was asking for it!
Mmmmm, I wonder what they think of crufts, agricultural show competitions, chasing cheese down hills, cake making competitions etc etc etc etc

At least the prizes are worth winning.
“Bedouin Arabs are intimately connected to camels and they want to preserve this heritage."

And we all know why they're called the ships of the desert.


Can't see that its majorly different to the way people are about horses? Had friends with quite serious stables and they feel and talk about horses in a much similar way. Had another friend who had quite a beautiful Arab, and the Arabs are well known for liking the gee-gees too.

Some people would say it was one of their more 'sane' stereotyped behaviours...not sure I see where the article is going or implying...Saudis like camels...go figure....
I saw a production of Aladdin a couple of years ago. One of the characters was a pantomime camel called Camilla.

I think she'd have given the dodgy Arabian rough trade camels pictured a run for their money!

SLR (Not to be confused with SLR Boy).
As the old joke goes, "Well, you wouldn't want to get an ugly one!"
Not much differant than a dog show I suppose... hmm... I have a hillarious picture of some camels that I should scan and post.


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The one on the left is quite fit though.
Went out past Barka the other weekend as a guest of the Omani Camel Federation.

We got to see the line up for the most beautiful camel. 400 noisesome stinking, spitting, kicking beasts and that was just the women.

Good fun though as they had what can only be described as camel dragster racing. Two camels head to head, 200 yard sprint following a hefty kick in the gonads.

Ah the local colour, you just can't beat it.


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WOT!! The baby one?



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chuck120 said:
How dare you call me a sicko.

Its not a baby camel.
Its a midget camel, i have some standards you know!!!
A couple of years ago I had an op under general anaesthetic. Apparently my first words as I came round unnerved the porters.

Then last month I caught some old Jasper Carrot on the Paramount Comedy Channel or somesuch.

JC talks about how, sat on the bus, the idiot gets on and the first you hear of him is his question to nobody in particular, "Nyeeeeear. Anyone seen my camel???"

The sultry one in the middle does it for me.


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Personally, I could party with them all. What a threesome that would be.Might need for them to have a brazilian first though.

Maybe Maradona.
They should be wearing face vails and a full burka. Giving men those come-hither looks, I say after they have been showen in a beauty pagent they should be stoned to death as the harlots they are.

I appear to be "going native" abit.
Have a quick skite at what Lawrence had to say about camels in 'Seven Pillars of Wisdom', (or 'How Me and My Mates Stuffed the Turks and Germans, and Anyone Else Who Looked At Us Funny, Pal'). There's pages of it, and some of them must have been pretty ones by the sound of it.

Sounded just like a chav admiring his mates mag-wheeled Fiesta. It was a 'she' so the whole paragraph threw me a bit, especially when she pi**ed on him. Had to read it again but yes, it was a camel.

Bear in mind this bloke really was a brass-bollocked full-fledged well-hard hero, (and would shoot his mates to quell rucks) it's all a bit incongruous really.

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