I Kid You Not.. and theres money for this??

another ' intellectual' expands the concept of ' art ' and is raising million dollars to ' realize his vision '..
I kid you not..

check out:


the link says it all.

giant inflatable banana is to be ' created' and released from Mexico to float into America through Texas to make a ' statement' about borders/ illegal immigrants and a whackload of other ' artsy ' philosophy and the ' artist' is seeking money to make his dream a reality - sadly.. Canadian government has actually ' bought into ' his dream and coughed up some seed money..

while kids starve in Africa..

whole friggin' world's gone bananas...
Rocketeer said:
another ' intellectual' expands the concept of ' art ' while kids starve in Africa..
Should we send them the banana then?
gennithmedic said:
On the positive side, it could shame Bush into protecting the US border...
There have been enough slip ups already.

What of the odds that there'll be at least two dozen Mexicans clinging desperately to its sides when it does take flight?
I hope with the prevailing winds that the Bristol runway is clear for the banana by then!!
I suppose they have never heard of anti-banana artillery?
i bet you they will send up 20 F-16's and shoot it down... and say its for national security...

weapons... fill its with millions of banana skins and when the USAF blow it up they all fall over the streets nakking people slip up, and as a result of all the fatties falling on there arrse's will cause a earthquake that will turn the US to a 3rd world country... thats just an idea though...

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