I Just won $30 million! Hip Hip Huzzah!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by londonirish, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. The last time I won some money on the internet, I told them I didnt need it, and referred the Nigerians to the Klu Klux Klan in Arkensas see link HERE

    That time, it was only $two million bucks, and I didn't need the money at the time, so felt it was my Christian duty to give it away to a church ( which the KKK purports to be)

    This time around, on examining my drinks cabinet, I noticed that I had run out of sloe gin, so a $30 million windfall will come in handy.

    I can barely contain my exitment.

    Hip Hip Flask Hooray!

    I remember dear old Jurgen now, come to think of it, we were the best of pals....

    I wonder if the lawyer mentioned above, Mr Organ, is as much a tool as his name suggests.

    Answers on a post card please.
  2. Best one I ever had was the email from a Nigerian Air Force Colonel who was stranded on the International Space Station.
    He needed my help to release his funds so he could get a resupply ship to go get him!! lol

    That one had me in stitches! He's probably still up there for all I know, ha ha
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  3. ha ha ha roflmao :mrgreen:
  4. Great fun is being really formal and pompous and giving it, "The £50 (or whatever) which you are asking for in order to release the funds is wholly inadequate reward for the individual and organisation bringing me this great bounty. I give you my full, unconditional and irrevocable legal authority to take half of the winnings and forward the other half to myself".

    "But why..........I ask only £50, this is crazy talk giving me £10 million (or whatever)"

    "Nevertheless, this is my wish. Be happy!!!! WE ARE MILLIONAIRES!!!!!!!!"

    Really, really f***s them off. :D
  5. You know what they say - you cannot con an honest man - there has to be that little bit of dishonesty in you, that wee something-for-nothing mentality that they use to hook you.

    On the subject of "Phishing" scams, why don't the banks have their own departments sending out emails asking customers for their account numbers etc. The ones who bite you contact and say, "Now this really is your bank, stop being such a twat".

    Target the ones who will fall for it before they fall for it and set them straight.

    I'm full of good ideas :D

    (mutters) full of something
  6. That's a great idea, though I expect that the banks would consider it too costly.

    Being a good-natured, honest citizen, I may do it on their behalf....
  7. Admit it, you've already started your programme and carried out stern warning deductions of funds from their accounts!
  8. Muppet!

    Its because of twats like that they bother to even send out those emails. Imagine how many have been conned and never admit it! Send a phising email to a million people and there will always be one numpty.

    I support an email network and we have recently had a fair few phising emails on the system, believe it or not educated and supposedly trustworthy people bite on this shit, I suppose its greed?
  9. That almost makes my £5 I won from One Wish pale into insignificance.

    It will buy me a couple of drips of petrol though I suppose.
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  10. So ... what are you trying to say? That this wasn't true? He cashed my cheque towards the rescue ... and I'm sure he will be home any day soon. To repay me. Like he promised.

    Won't he?
  11. i love how vanilla the comments are on there, compared to Arrse (oh and carole F seems particularly proud of how clever she is...):

    whereas ours go along the lines of "what a dopey cunt!" "fucking mong" "greedy cunt deserves everything he gets, hope someone spunks in his eye socket" etc :D
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