I just watched f*ckwit 'police firearms expert'...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by plunderer, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. pick up what looked like a Glock dropped in a City of London incident. He picked it up and instantly cocked without removing the magazine.

    If it wasn't ready to fire before, it sure as hell is now.

    The CORRECT way to clear a handgun is to -

    1. Remove the source of ammunition, in this case, the magazine.

    2. Cock the weapon - this ejects any round in the chamber.

    3. Lock the slide back - the gun can be seen clear.

    As it is, a desperate perp might just has made a lunge for it as it lay there on the ground, and used it on one of the 'expert's' pals, or even him.

    By jeez, I DO worry about the level of 'expertise' displayed by our boys in blue.

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  2. Yeah thanks.

    What's a perp? Sounds septic.
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  3. you mean to say he didnt look down the barrel? i am disopointed
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  4. I just watched your outrage thread become a thing of ridicule.
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  5. What's a Glock?
  6. Well thats fuckin 'learned' us!
  7. Its something that shows you what time it is
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  8. I'm watching Cold Blood on ITV3 +1 about a 'brutal killer in the army'. I'll be fuckin outraged if there's nothing to get outraged about!
  9. Yeah, right.


  10. Thank fuck for that. I was wondering the best way to clear mine. It's been in me locker loaded for the past 3 years.

    Now, which end do that there amminition do come out of?

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  11. Perpetrator = naughty person.

    tac, in a kindly and explanatory mood, having taken all his calming anti-psychotic medications for the day.
  12. Double post...ignore.

    I can't believe they let me handle firearms.
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  13. Hard-Stop says..."Easy."
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  14. Oh dear!