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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 81cufc, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. My fellow arrsers I am pleased to say that the Manchester slag/dogging scene is well & truely alive!

    This call sign can report activity in the region of:

    The Lowery Hotel

    Grid Ref: Behave I'm drunk & on my iPhone!

    Report: On walking between bar this C/S & 2 i/c sees 1x female (thong & corsitt) being photographed by a 50 (ish) bloke with professional camera in the back streets! This C/S stopped to admire & must admit in awe of said spectical! Lol.

    Similar reports appreciated whether local or worldwide. . .
  2. Not the Lowry Hotel at 53°28'59.52"N 2°15'1.53"W, then? :p .

    How do you know it was a professional camera, anyway? :twisted:
  3. Ask him if will be so kind as to post the piccis.
  4. I don't just looked more professional than your average camera
  5. Wish I had a camera with me earlier.. Not to get a possible grot shot but I could have snapped a phottie for world wide ridicule on Youtube or something..

    I'm in a lot at the local market and a teen gangsta wannabee is hustling across the parking lot to the pizza palace.. One hand holding a cell phone to his ear trying not to get it tangled in his iPod earbuds, the other crammed in his pocket like he's wnaking on the run, to hold his baggy low-riding pants up..

    I suddenly did a double take when I realized that his undies were on view - tightey whiteys ffs. - but there, in full view, was a yellow and brown streak rising up from the jeans to the waistband and being displayed for all to see as he was losing the battle and his pants were sliding lower as he ran/shuffled..

    sadly, he managed to make it without doing a full frontal faceplant.

    maybe I need to get me a video capable cellphone afterall...