I just realized me wife is fat when...

My lardy cousin was complaining earlier that her tops keep getting shorter. No love, it's just that your gut keeps getting bigger.
I just realised when my wife is fat..?

When you can't get xxxx all through the fat and the gristle - call in the A10 Napalm squad and cook her down.

Orange jacket on her back will get her hit every time.
....I burnt my arse on the light bulb when I was shagging her.

Yeah I know its an oldie but then again so am I.
I sat in the room opposite her and realised I was sat next to her
A team of scientists fly in from Switzerland to study her gravitational field?

She makes your mum look slim?

Not even a squaddie would shag her?


Markintime said:
You realise your wife is too fat when she even gets turned down for a job in the NAAFI.
thats impossible..some of the heffers that used to work there in germany ffs :D
You realise your wife is too fat when she gets a GUNT........thats a gut that hangs over a Cnut!!

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