i just opened a bebo account!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by private---pile, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. bad things tend to happen to people with bebo accounts. especially to those who live in wales who have rope and a tree handy...

    set it up so i can play away from the missus. does anyone know what to do with it?

    how do you find friends etc
  2. i cant get it to work
  3. Kill yourself.
  4. You just opened a bebo account, well done you. I hope you will get many happy hours from it. Just one question though, did you do it all by yourself or did you get a grown up to help you?
  5. just open a search and hit the russian mailorder sites and get influxed (like me :p )

    they can range from your typical olga moose!! to some firm, fit, shagworthy wenches.

    god its great knowing that you can order a bird with all the right curves and who can barely speak english if at all :twisted:

    makes a change from the typical brit 20-33yr old body frame and looks

    long live russia :twisted: :p

    search for free sites and you can even find ones which need no sign up to email them!

    even if they turn out to be scammers its ok cos you generally get sent pics in very little clothes to use as !!! :roll:

    just dont send any money and maybe we can have a scammer baiting comp and see who can keep them on the chase longest!! :D

    beats talking to std ridden sluts from the gutter on bebo