i just need an answer on this question!!!!

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by minkymonkey, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. i was promoted in april 2010 to WO2 and sent out to batus, due to work commitments and the demmanding batus regime for saftey staff i have not been able to complete my WO CLM, i have now been told that i can only be reported on as a SSgt due to me only being acting as i have not yet completed part one of my CLM, which would allow me to become substansive. can some one please give me some clarity and quickly please so that i can go into bat and get the correct report written, and i only have days few on this. and i dont wish to be incorrectly managed!!!:?
  2. The relevant regulations are in JSP 757 at para 2D19 reproduced below (see paragraph b regarding your circumstances):

    Substantive Rank. ORs are normally to be assessed and considered for promotion in their substantive rank, even if they hold acting rank. A SJAR should not cover two different substantive ranks except as follows:

    a. Where the extension of a report period to the end of the report bracket will allow an OR to complete at least 6 months in a new substantive rank (in addition to any period in the lower rank) such a report is admissible as if it had been written entirely in the higher rank.

    b. Reporting on Soldiers in Acting Rank awaiting CLM Training. A soldier in a post at the next higher rank whose substantive promotion has not yet been authorised because they have not completed the required CLM training for reasons out with their control may have their SJAR written in their acting rank, assessed as if they were substantive.
  3. I have recently signed off and i "was" considering early release. I have had a interview with the CMO and he said you had to serve a minimum of 4 years to qualify for it. Is this true?? can anyone help please.
  4. how long have you served?
    we would need to know as to help if we can.:?
  5. kazarin, you have hijacked 2 threads with this question (early release end 22 years 3 months early) neither of which have anything to do with the question you are asking. Get a grip and start your own thread or find one which relates :donut:
  6. sorry shepardspie first time user..... and i signed off at my 3 year point and its currently now sits at 3 years 4 months.