I just had to share this with you

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. Just received this via pm from the latest incarnation of Arrses resident skip-licker.

    Made me chuckle.
  2. She's still going then!

    Sounds like she's trying to bezzer you up again there bud! ;)
  3. whats wrong in a bit of web-pulling :? she,s such a prude. :wink:
  4. Women! No sense of adventure.
  5. Was it attached? 'cos if not that would have been sick :D
  6. Butler, how good are you at cleaning? I think I'm going to need your help getting a port stain off my monitor.
  7. Good to see the Marines take care in cleaning their weapons, did you ask her if it was the size of a pistol or LMG.
  8. I cannot believe that.
    If he was in the RMs, it would have been someone else's tackle.
  9. With a roll mat round it.
  10. Obviously he has never seen her.
  11. But we all know the skip-licker is a lying, cancer walting bag of puppy sick.

    It was obvious she was lying. She stated she had a 'friend'.

    How long will it be before her boyfriend/nephew pipes up saying it was a clever ruse by him to wind us (me) up?

    I only have one New Years wish.

    It involves a vehicle from the Atomic Weapons Establishment, some black ice, a small village in South Wales and a large fire.
  12. Flashy, I have one thing to say:- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  13. And theres more;

    Chubbs surgeon;

    "Hi, everybody"
  14. Sh*te Flashys a robot, he's taking over the world, knock me off your list of friends speaking up for you now CNUT your down to 99 now. ask her to pm me please i need some loving, tell her Im not married either its just a soveriegn ring on my finger.