I just had a thought...


...it regards political strategy. The army are in a no win situation; they are by nature strategists and/or tacticians/tactically trained with the interdependent relationship those two enact. Can an army ever carry out a succesful mission when the political strategy and/or foreign policy (or lack of) is enacted by people that, I would hazard a guess, predominately have the law court as theatre and thus their model, as with the macrocosm of politics and international relations, in their microcosm other people pay for their victories and losses i.e. defendant and plaintiff/crown and victim, while they plan on redecorating their villa in Tuscany or Provence.

Obviously slightly rhetorical and an obvious post, but just a current thought resulting from Blair's crass 'delighted' comment.
Slightly ambiguous language but absolutely spot on.

Too many lawyers in government.

The consequences of losing in a court room are indeed played out by other people and the consequences of bad policy abroad are played out by other people too. It is an intellectual challenge for a lawyer and they are separated from the physical and psychological effects of failure.

Lawyers in government could also impact domestic issues:

Lawyers are into convincing people of the validity of their argument, regardless of whether or not it is 'true'. Truth is a mere concept to a lawyer, truth is what people believe, therefore it can be changed if you can put forward a convincing enough argument. There is no moral foundation to anything, no firm foundation of belief which guides their actions, simply what they can and can't get away with. Moral vacuums? Not all lawyers, but many are.

I also think that there is a belief that legislation is the answer to all. The concept that the job of government is to legislate and the idea that social ills can be healed by passing laws is flawed. The more laws that are passed to enforce conformity and control, the greater the reaction against it. Passing a law to solve a problem misses the point of government but what else can we expect form Lawyers?


Totally agree, they really should be the last people we turn in a time of need or to set out policy, for exactly the reasons you said. I think what government needs for strategy is perhaps people literate in strategy and tactics, nothing like the prospect of dying to get things in perspective...now who mentioned an ARRSE party....

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