Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lfc2001, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. How, if we can't afford new shiny kit and some helicopters etc etc can we be giving banks a jeffin massive sum of money to keep them afloat? it doesn't make sense. i suggest giving the fat cats sa80's and an economy ticket to helmand and soldiers the bonuses? what say you to that?

  2. Ahhh you have a lot to learn.
    It really is quite simple, soldiers do not have the ability to make Mr Brown a wealthy man in return for the little favours he grants while he is in power.
    Once Mr Brown "retires" he can expect some rather lucrative consultancy fee's from all the banks etc that he has "saved" whilst at the helm.
    Its called corruption.
  3. I think with the state of the economy at the moment then the money is better off spent propping up the banks before we all have huge mortgages on a houses that are worth sod all. Massive unemployment, and therefore more drain on the taxpayers money. More people booted out of houses because they can't afford the payments.....and the country falls apart.

    The Army has always mangaged with what it has.....gucci kit is exactly what it says on the tin.
  4. 'Jagman', you are in danger of winning a 'Cynic of the Week' award. In addition you run the risk of upsetting the 'moderators', who strongly disapprove of suggestions that we have anything other the finest government this side of Pyongyang. Worst of all, you may incur the wrath of 'Sven'. If the latter danger materialises, do not be tempted to rebut his lunatic assertions, as that will involve an endless 'debate'.

    I am about to form your fan-club!! Motto: 'Bollox to Brown and the Eurine Soviet Union'.

  5. Remember all the old saying? You owe the Bank £10K, you're in trouble. You owe the Bank £10 Million, the bank's in trouble.

    Right Here, Right now the Banks are in trouble. Repossing 1,000 of homes gives the banks more headaches than getting anything off the Mortage payer. Let's be honest, if you' had the chance to buy a house that had been repossed at Auction would you really pay enough to cover the money owed to the Bank? Would you f**k. So the Bank ends up out of pocket big style and no real chance of recovering that money anywhere.

    Cos, this pre-supposes the Bank's are bright to see that one coming...on curent form.....we're all doomed!