I just don't believe it

As a member of the British Army dressed in green and proudly carrying our new modified weapon. During a recent tour with HQ ISAF I was dismayed to be told by a clerk  in the HQ that I could not have any paper as it came off 3 Divs stationary budget and I wasn't 3 Div.  I just don't believe it.

Sounds like a candidate for "Jobsworth Of The Year" award.

By the way,are you really a 78c? ;)


Paper can be demanded through Dulmen in Germany now, saves getting Aggro from the Stationery Stores :)

Guess you poor folks in UK will just have to suffer :-/

If you want some, go to RASS  and ask for Nige - it'll cost you a beer

Apparently paper supply was a retention issue not so long back - Pukka Gen Info
::) If they have no paper why do they spend most of their time burning the bloody stuff?  Maybee thats how the SPS branch get rid of the budget.

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