I joined Arrse because ...

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by AlienFTM, Oct 11, 2011.

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  1. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    ... I started writing a book about my time in the cavalry a dozen or so years ago as a spare time project. Basic (twice) and first tour (Omagh) were a walk in the park (or the roads and lanes of West Tyrone and Fermanagh if you prefer) then I ground to a halt. Stopped on arrival in Nicosia 18 months after joining up the second time. Life's too short to sit hammering a keyboard at home after a day's work hammering the keyboard in the office all day (half of it on Arrse). Hammering the keyboard of an evening on World of Tanks for a couple of hours is therapeutic though.

    I wanted to write a bit about boots because of an incident that occurred on Scorpion Gunner's course live firing at Warcop and did an internet search for "DMS boots" which led me here.

    Okay, mundane I know, but what brought the rest of you old farts to Arrse?
  2. I like taking the piss.
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  3. I can't remember....................
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    7th July 2005.

    Arrse was the best source of live info.
  5. I thought that there were would be loads of desperate women wanting a good seeing to.....how wrong I was......then I realised I'd spelt Arse wrong and went to the wrong website!
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  6. I wanted honest advice on serious topics relating to Mil service.

    So god knows why I joined...
  7. As a born victim, I'm drawn to ARRSE as I love feeling inferior to pseudo-intellectuals and internet hardmen, who in all probablility were the Troop/Platoon ********'s and ******* elevenerife merchants.

    Also, I honing my Waltism skills for the future when I feel the disire to spend my giro on ebay dangly tat and blazer badges.
    'Always prepared', that's what others say that I'll copy and use as my own mantra!
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  8. everyone knows squaddies like to go ugly early and think fatties are more grateful....
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  9. . . . Libby Purvis said so.
  10. I searched for a mature dating site and now I can't get rid of this orange woman on my computer. I blame Jack Daniels.
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  11. I didn't understand what my squaddie bloke at the time was saying so found the arssepedia and came in the back door ...
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  12. Nope 'ugly' first . . . :nod:

    There's a pulling strategy that co-incides with the sobriety level/evenings outcomes. Can you see a patten?

    Ugly > Average > Risky > Totty > Ugly
    Sober > Tipsy > Slurring > Totally wankered > Kebab Shop
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  13. I'd been deeply amused by a story about some bloke doing a girl up the ricker and her passing out but I didn't actually join until one of the Walt threads featured a photo of some airsofters who I recognised. I then joined to take the piss out of them.

    Joining ARRSE actually led to me rejoining the TA and meeting my girlfriend as well as making a a few mates along the way. Good stuff all in all!
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  14. mutley.gif
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  15. Did a search about something else, came across arrse and looked out of curiosity. Found I had missed the humour more than I thought and lurked for a while before replying to a point.
    Found that it's full of really interesting stuff amongst all the dribbles, drools and crayons and have actually learned quite a bit from it at times.
    The big thing that confirmed me as an arrse reader was coming across the Stumpy stories which had me in stitches, I came home after the pub one night, read the bit about the Lynx door and I swear I nearly cracked a rib. Sadly nothing has quite hit that same standard except in small doses. Still I keep hoping.