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What a sad waste indeed. RIP

The message is quite clear however - don't take drugs to bulk up for army selection - just eat properly and get fit. If you're good enough, you're good enough, if not, do something else or try harder.

There is no place for steroids.
Jorrocks said:
This appeared in the Times today. I suggest that anyone tempted to take the steroid route takes the time to read it. RIP, what a waste.

Steroids are so common in all walks of life. Events like this one should (as you say) be an eye opener to people considering using them. May the suppliers be dealt with appropriatly. A sad ending to a some what bright future. R.I.P.
I read this on the platform at Stalybridge this morning, didnt brighten my morning up !! :( The worst aspect of it was that given time and enough input he seemed pretty capable ! There is a lot of pressure on bods now due to the amount of unregulated info they can be inadvertantly exposed to ! In my last year at junior school some tw*t convinced me that sex education in senior school consisted of everyone de-robing and inspecting everyone elses naughty bits in a classroom !! I did not sleep for a week !! Point being, the unknown terrified me !!

Where I am originally from its exceptionally common to use steroids, the older brother of a friend slung himself under a train after a row with his lass after jabbing Deca and Sus for 3 years, a second cousin sliced the tops of his ears off and sellotaped them to the inside of his front room window as a warning to his bird not to try and get back in the house after she came home from a night out, my brother is a beast of an ex para, an absolute diamond of a human being with a heart of gold but at times, completely deranged with the gear that he sticks in himself, his current concoction is a thing called 'Gentech' and a bit of growth hormone for afters, it was impressive watching him leg press hundreds of pounds but not so much fun when he curled up in a ball in my front room and cried like a baby.

Naughty, naughty stuff, when I had my ticker fixed a few years ago I was next to a bloke who was 35 and couldnt have a game of football with his twin boys because the gear had weakened him so much !!

There is nothing you cant achieve with 6 months in the gym, some good tucker and a bit of sun on your back !!

RIP mate, you played a wrong hand but your intent was there !
I pointed out the dangers of using the Gear several times myself. Like everyone else here, I take no satisfaction in being proved right.

A bloody shame. I only hope others who might be tempted to go down the same route are scared off by this tragedy.
As Reni_77 pointed out it's sad that he's died but worse because he propbably would have managed it without the being on the gear.

Sad story.

Tommo5050 said:
As Reni_77 pointed out it's sad that he's died but worse because he propbably would have managed it without the being on the gear.

Sad story.

Absolutely mate, the corps is saturated with ex marine and army cadets, a mate of mine had an ex marine cadet lad turn up on his PRC in a home made t shirt emblazonned with "born to be a commando" in script on the front and a picture of a baby wearing a green lid on the back, he got ripped to bits....p*ssed his time at CTC though and ended up boxing for the corps, really big shame for this lad and his family today though, it does go on in the ranks but for someone whos body is still growing its a bloody big mistake.

Stay off it any of you little tinkers reading this !! Your name will be mud if you get caught out, there is no greater pride than achieving an aim that you have fought tooth and nail for !


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