I hope Theresa May has a set

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BrandySoured, May 20, 2010.

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  1. Gary Mc Kinnon

    I'm a sceptic. I didn't trust the last government, the one before that, the one before that... You see where that was going. Anyway, I am willing to show my arrse in Woolworths - no strike that I can't - Mark's & Spencer's window if she stops this ridiculous extradition and, more importantly, sorts out the rules that it was used on and levels up the playing field.

    I may even have a good word for a politician.
  2. McKinnon is a harmless window licker who was being extradited by a supine labour government so the US Gov could hang him out to dry for making them look like complete knobbers.
  3. No sympathy at all for Gary McKinnon - hackers, spammers, phishers and all the other assorted parasites are a plague on all legal and sensible internet users - they deserve all they get.

    However the use of this extradition treaty is over the top and in general the law is too much in favour of the US. It is one-sided and open to far too much abuse. Gary McKinnon carried out his crime here and should be tried here and if the sad little puppy needs help or punishment then he should get it here.
  4. Bit of a difference there, hackers like him do it for fun. Phishers do it defraud you of money, and Spammers are paid by companies to send out spam.
  5. "Hackers do it for fun"? Catch yourself on...that's like assuming rapists do it for professional kudos and the approval of their peers! Hackers may have fun hacking, just as if Guy Ritchie is any authority, so do blaggers and the like. However in the course of having their fun, they do screw up data, networks and people's businesses and lives.

    This is not smack on the wrist stuff. Yes McKinnon is as out of it as to make Dustin Hoffman's Rainman character look positively centred, yet he deserves punishment and counselling/prevention. I just don't agree that he needs it in Butt**** Oregon, or whichever Federal pen they would wish to consign him to - after a "fair" trial. He committed the crime in cyberspace but from a UK location. So he "beamed down" here after his jaunt around the Pentagon's pension records or whatever, so he ought to be dealt with by our courts. The US arrogant assumption that our courts aren't fit for this purpose is almost as annoying, as the US policy of extra-territoriality in general is.
  6. terroratthepicnic

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    He would spend no more than 4 weeks in an American jail before being released and offered a job working for the American Gov (FBI/CIA) to help them protect their computer systems from hackers like him. He would be paid more money than he could count and he would be allowed to finally look at the files he was in search for in the first place.
    Then a few years down the line a film would be made about how he did it and how the coppers finally managed to catch up with him and how he makes millions creating hacker proof software/hardware for companies accross the globe.

    For story line see, Catch me if you can.
  7. Send him to cheltnam he'll fit right in with all the other geeks a GCHQ
  8. So tell me how does the biggest power in the western world, with the biggest defence budget and no limit to the amout of security used to keep their secrets safe, get compromised by a slighty retarded bloke in his bedroom on an old PC?

    At the end of the day someone in the US dropped a huge bollok and the blame game is being played.
  9. Really and where do you get your extensive knowledge of the wonderful world of Cyber crime?
    I use the word crime because thats what it is. The potential damage that can be caused by one of these crusaders of cyber space on their mission to show the world how naff IT security is really is frightening. Thats just the white/grey hats. At least Black hats show their true colours!
    They are vermin that should be eradicated.

    On the other hand the toadying of the last government to lick the yanks arse and hand this freak over was embarrassing. We have adequate laws over here for cyber crime and he should be tried and sentenced in this country.
  10. I watched Mercury rising last night - seems to be a re-occuring theam that spacca's can screw the US?!

  11. Gary McKinnon hacking master slueth?

    Well, that's what the Yanks are trying to portray him as, but to hack, you actually have to try and get past some security, not such awesome security like the super secret Pentagoon password being… 'password'. 8O
  12. Not this old chestnut again! You will find that the route he took in was not the direct '5 mins and I will be through the firewalls' seen on spooks or the cinema screen. It took knowledge, patience and an understanding of how systems operate. The Pentagon may not have had a simple password, all it takes is a simple interconnection that has been inadvertently missed in a massive organisation to allow back door access, elevation of rights and the keys to the kingdom.

  13. You didn't sell the yanks the security suite by any chance and your covering your arrse?

    So if a loner can do it from has bedroom in his mothers house, I would be more worried about the Chnks, Ruskis, Koreans, Iran, France, Brits being sat there for years just looking at what they want.

    He's no Cyber Crime Boss, just caught the Yanks with thier pants down, and they want someone to blame for it.

  14. The 'problem' here seems to be the the Pentagoons IT security guys had given the appearance to the powers that be of being these uber l33t IT gurus, and when McKinnon knocked on the door, he not only found the door ajar, but the keys to the rest of the building in the lock. This is little to do with what McKinnon did, and everything to do with a whole slew of people at the Pentagon looking at termination of employment for gross negligence and incompetence and casting around for a scapegoat and fall guy.